Five Red Flags to Avoid When Picking Your Long Distance Moving Company

Five Red Flags to Avoid When Picking Your Long Distance Moving Company

Hiring a good long-distance movingcompany can be difficult. On top of them, when it comes to honesty, you would be so lucky to find one of them which is genuine.

Movers can easily scam you, but there are also ways to avoid dishonest moving companies altogether.

Looking for red flags in a company means something is wrong with the company when you choose to move your precious belongings. Stories like demanding more money before unloading your belongings or holding your goods hostage are very common.

In this article, I will discuss some of the scenarios you should keep in mind to avoid rogue movers.

Here are five common scenarios based on moving red flags.

1.  Pay Attention to How They Respond to Your Phone Call

Normally, a reputable company would answer your call no matter what. If the moving company does not receive your call, there is a chance that they might have given a fake number, or they may be hiding from you.

Hence, do not consider a moving company that won’t bother to receive your call.

Moreover, it is very easy nowadays to fake phone numbers and addresses. Hence, calling the local chamber of commerce associated with the address to check for the company would be a good option.

2.  Very Little Web Presence

Rogue movers normally do not put so much information on the web. Also, they do not have their websites. They tend to leave no trail of their company’s existence, which is why they have very little web presence. It is surely a red flag as you won’t find them on social media or Google.

Additionally, if the website is an unprofessional one and if it contradicts information, there is a chance that the company is a fake.

Review whether the webpage has policy pages. A genuine company’s website will always have terms of use or terms and conditions pages on its website. You can also look for adequate content on the website and BBB’s logo to ensure they are authentic.

3.  Unable to Find Adequate Information Even After Research

Rogue movers tend to keep your goods hostage to demand more money. The best way to avoid these companies is to do thorough research through a better business bureau (BBB) by verifying their license number.

Research whether the business is officially registered with local, state, or federal authorities. Also, you can check whether those businesses pay wages to their employees who prove that they have a Federal Employer Identification Number. Review their business’s website or promotional materials to know whether the company is properly registered.

Check the better business bureau (BBB), which has branches all over the country and can help you find useful information about companies operating within the communities. The BBB’s website allows you to search for general information regarding scam and fraud trends. Also, make sure your mover USDOT number.

4.  Incomplete Paperwork Sent for Confirmation

It is your responsibility that you sign a contract with the moving company long before the moving day. The contract would mention the price of the move, schedule, and what happens if

they break your belongings.

If the moving company hesitates to send you a contract, this is surely a red flag, and there is a chance that they are not licensed or registered.

In this case, you should always try to find another moving company that professionally does the contract and paperwork beforehand.

5.  They Demand Payment Improperly

We are often confused about how we will pay the moving company and in what terms and conditions. Should we pay them in advance, or should we pay them after the move?

Here, in this case, we should never pay in advance to the moving company even if you can afford it. If the moving company asks for payment before the move, this is surely a major red flag.

A real moving company does not ask for your payment until your move is complete. When any mover asks for any payment upfront, there is a huge chance they won’t show up on a moving day. An honest moving company will never ask for payment in advance.

Always make sure you are aware of how they are demanding your fees.


  • Before calling for a quote or estimation, it is sometimes better to calculate the long-distance moving cost yourself.
  • Don’t assume a moving company is not legitimate simply by looking at their online Some companies can’t afford to pay to run their other businesses.

Do your proper research and conclude then.

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