Best Heavy Duty Double-Sided Tape

Best Heavy Duty Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is the term given to any type of pressure-sensitive tape with an adhesive coating on both sides. Double-sided tape is intended to stick two surfaces together, usually without being visible.

There are several different brands and types of double-sided tape on the market, with some only suited to certain surfaces and others considerably stronger than their competitors.  So what are the best heavy-duty double-sided tapes for the toughest jobs?

3M Scotch-Mount Extreme Mounting Tape

This is probably the absolute strongest double-sided tape available in Australia. This excellent product is well-suited for any situation where something heavy must be mounted without using screws or nails.

The tape comes with a double-sided adhesive that can hold up to as much weight as 13.4 kilograms, making it well-suited to heavy-duty tasks such as hanging shelves or tools in garages.

This tape is also permanent and resistant to weather, meaning that it will remain there once it has been correctly applied, making it ideal for interior and exterior use.

XFasten Double-Sided Tape

The second strongest double-sided tape in Australia is another great product for holding things up without using nails or screws. The tape has the strength of heavy-duty glue, which means that objects mounted to the wall will not fall off.

The tape is easy to pull out from the roll, cut to the right size and install. It is also weather-resistant, meaning it will stay in place regardless of the weather.

3M VHB Mounting Tape

This double-sided tape offers another excellent solution for mounting photographs or art prints to any surface. It is a very strong ductility tape with many applications in the automotive industry.

The tensile strength of the 3M VHB Mounting Tape is 90 pounds per inch, and even when stretched to several times its original length, it will still not break. The tape is easy to install and waterproof and can bond quickly. On both sides of the tape is foam which means it can be used without any concerns about damaging surfaces.

Hercules 3M Dr Nano Heavy-Duty Tape

This tape can stick to almost all smooth, clean, non-porous surfaces and keep them held in place securely. It is ideal for keeping items made of glass, metal and paper in position.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this particular tape is unsuitable for using porous surfaces such as wood or brick. It is washable and resistant to temperature, able to be reused multiple times while leaving no residue on surfaces.

This tape is also non-toxic, making it ideal for residential properties.

Double-sided tape is easy to apply compared to other fastening and mounting hardware. Still, it is important to choose the best tape for your purposes.

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