Difference between SMO and SEO techniques

Difference between SMO and SEO techniques

Social Media Optimization – Social Media Optimization i.e. SMO is a technique used for promoting your business using the social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tumblr so as to increase their brand awareness organically. Search Engine Optimization is mostly used by the local businesses to promote them and to provide the maximum reachability of your users. It may also be referred as the optimizing of a website and its content so as to encourage more users to use and share a link to the website, social media and networking sites so as to increase the website visibility and online presence.

Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization i.e. SEO is technique used for optimizing your website for increasing the organic traffic from different search engines to your website and thus increasing the ranking of a website or the webpage in search result by the search engine by using the relevant keywords in it. In other words, SEO is the way to increase your visibility online by saving time and cost of marketing. According to the research, there are approx. 100 billion searches each month. It is also referred to the improvement of the unpaid results and excludes the direct traffic and the purchase of the paid placement.

Below are some of the other differences between the two –

. In SMO technique, coding and tag are not so important, it requires visual attention so as to make huge impact. Whereas in SEO technique, we use the header, title tag, image title, bold text and keyword so as to rank higher in the search engines.

. In SMO technique, title and headlines are more important so as to grab attention and getting users click. Whereas in SEO technique, title tag tells the search engine what a page is about.

. In SMO technique, the quality of the content is important so as to grab the reader’s attention. Whereas in SMO technique, the quality of the content is important in order to rank well.

. SMO is the offsite optimization technique. Whereas the SEO is the onsite optimization technique.

. SMO can be done using the Micro blogging, Social networking, Video promotion, RSS promotion. Whereas SEO, can be done by finding the relevant keywords, by creating the optimize page, by making accessible website and by building the relevant links.

. SMO is all about the content. Whereas, SEO is all about your site structure.

. In SMO, analysis is important to know which type of content draws more interest. Whereas in SEO, analysis is important so as to know which changes have made impact on the content whether it is negative or positive.

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