What Is Gold IRA Investing?

What Is Gold IRA Investing?

Benefits of Gold IRA Investments

Precious metals help protect investment dollars against adverse economic, environmental, monetary, and political conditions. Gold and silver have historically been viewed as the ultimate assets to preserve wealth, and many shrewd investors have chosen to safeguard their portfolios by hedging with gold and silver. If you share these concerns, then the ownership of precious metals, once a benefit afforded exclusively to the ultra-wealthy, can now be yours.

  • Gold and silver have historically proven to be safe-haven assets that gain in value over time.
  • Holding gold and silver assets will offset the inevitable devaluation of your retirement dollars.
  • Gold and silver are fundamentally reliable vehicles to store and retain wealth.
  • Annual IRA contributions can be used to add to your metals holdings over time.

Expert IRA guidance

IRA to IRA transfers have no tax consequences as long as the funds are transferred to and from the same type of IRA (i.e., traditional to traditional, Roth to Roth). A rollover from an employer-sponsored plan such as a 401(k) to an IRA is also allowed and is a reportable event, but not a taxable one. The experts in the IRA Department will take the necessary steps to ensure eligibility based upon the rules that govern the plan and to ensure that there are no tax consequences for you.

Precious Metals IRA Rules

The rules for distributions from a precious metals IRA are the same as with any other IRA. Once you reach age 59½, you may take distributions without the 10% penalty assessed by the IRS for early withdrawal, and the required minimum distributions begin in the year you turn 70½. Unlike an IRA invested in paper investments, a distribution from a physical gold IRA does not require the investment to be sold in order to take place. Gold IRAs give you the advantage of having the physical gold and silver held in your IRA account shipped directly to you as a distribution. If you need a liquid distribution, Goldiral Precious Metals can help you convert your metals into cash for distribution by wire or check.

Why goldir precious metals?

We Make it Easy to Get Started With Your Precious Metals IRA

Getting started with goldiral precious metals is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply call one of our experienced Precious Metals IRA experts, and together we’ll walk you through the process of starting your account. Your personal IRA expert will make sure you understand every step of the process.

We do the work for you.

Your IRA specialist will do all the heavy lifting for you. They’ll complete all the required paperwork, phone calls, and transfer requests, leaving you with not much more than signing on the dotted line.

We’ll pay your storage fees for up to 3 years.

When you transfer at least $25,000 into your account with Goldiral, we’ll pay for your storage fees for up to 3 years.

Information on gold IRAs

Do I actually own physical gold and silver in my account?

Yes. You will actually own a specific quantity of coins, not certificates, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, etc. You will receive a quarterly statement containing a list of your account holdings and may also sign up for 24-hhour online access.

How do I set up my Gold Individual Retirement Account?

Once you have decided that a precious metals IRA is right for you, you will speak with a Goldiral IRA Specialist, who will prepare all the documents for your approval and arrange to have them sent to you and returned to Goldiral. We will then process the documents to have your new account set up and the funds transferred from your current account.

Where are the metals in my precious metals IRA stored, and are they insured?

Goldiral has strategic relationships with the most respected providers of custodial and storage services in the country, and we will furnish you with our recommendations. Each is fully insured.

How can I take distributions or RMDs from my account?

Distributions may be taken in one of two ways: shipment of metals, referred to as an “in-kind” distribution; or liquidation and distribution by check or wire. At age 59 ½, either option can be requested without penalty.

Do I share metals with other account holders?

No. The metals placed in your IRA are yours and yours alone. They are your assets until you sell them or take them as an in-kind distribution.

Can I make contributions to my precious metals IRA just like any other?

Yes, the same IRS guidelines for annual contributions apply to your precious metals IRA as with any other IRA.

How can I set up a gold IRA?

Collect the following items:

  • Copy of your account statement with your current custodian
  • Copy of your ID (driving license, passport, or other ID)
  • Copy of ID for your beneficiary (if you have more than one, we need identification for each person) (If you do not have a beneficiary, defy it.)

Can I keep gold in my retirement account?

Yes, you can; however, most custodians do not allow customers to place physical precious metals in retirement accounts, as they are fixed assets that cannot be traded for commission. Don’t be surprised, but your current mentor probably doesn’t want to know that you can add physical precious metals to your retirement account just by setting up a customized Gold IRA, and that’s what we’re here to help you with.

Why should I transfer my assets to the Gold IRA?

It is now more important than ever to diversify its investment portfolio away from dollar-denominated assets. The current global economy is very fragile, and governments have no choice but to devalue their currencies in an effort to stimulate economic growth. With no reliable plans to reduce the debt burden on a large scale and to have even more potential for growth, gold and silver are just a few remaining assets that can provide not only security but also attractive returns.

Why should I allocate my assets to a gold IRA instead of a mutual fund, stock, or ETF?

By setting up gold in the IRA, you have the option to allocate more capital to stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. Bottom line: gold has consistently outperformed investors, giving the S&P 500 a 15% annual return for the last ten years. Prudential portfolio theory states that 12%–25% of your total assets should be in physical precious metals. A gold IRA is the only way you can own physical gold coins in your retirement account.

What kind of returns do I want if I set up a gold IRA?

Gold IRA experts do not bet on the price of gold and recommend each customer conduct their own labor before investing in silver, platinum, or gold coins. But if you had invested $25,000 in gold coins 30 years ago, your current net worth would be over $500,000.

What kind of metal can I buy in a gold IRA?

  • Gold American Eagles
  • Gold Austrian Philharmonics
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Credit Suisse Gold Bars
  • Pamp Suisse Gold Bars
  • Gold American Buffalos
  • Silver American Eagles
  • Silver Austrian Philharmonics
  • Silver Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Platinum American Eagles
  • Platinum Australian Koalas
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Gold American Eagle Proofs
  • Silver American Eagle Proofs

If I set up a gold IRA, do I only have to invest in precious metals?

No, your Gold IRA is self-directed, which gives you the power to choose investments that are compatible with your retirement strategy. These include, but are certainly not limited to, gold, silver, platinum, stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. A gold IRA is simply a vehicle that allows you to allocate your investment radically.

How do I get precious metals for my gold 401K?

Gold IRA specialists purchase its precious metals through our precious company, Platinum Gold Coins, LLC. Platinum Gold Coin has more than 20 years of combined experience in the precious metals industry and a long tradition of dependability and transparency, best represented by our A rating at the Better Business Bureau. PGC continues to develop supply logistics as well as industry associations to bring the most competitive price to our customers.

When do I get my account statement for my Gold IRA?

You will receive quarterly statements in the mail, or you can go online and review your statement anytime. You will receive regular emails to update the value of your account. You can also customize your Gold IRA account to notify you when you move up or down the percentage from your “requested amount” in the market.

Will I have to pay any fees when setting up a gold IRA?

The following fees apply to setting up a Gold IRA:

  • $75 one-time set-up fee (includes wire transfer)
    • $125 annual storage and insurance fee

How long will it take to transfer your IRA to the Gold IRA with your previous employer?

The transfer process can take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days, but Gold Silver IRA specialists pride themselves on completing the process with maximum efficiency. The best-case scenario is three business days, when everything speeds up. We can expedite processing for you for an additional $50 fee, which many of our customers take advantage of. This puts your paperwork in front of all non-quick paperwork.

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