5 Amazing Yelp Reviews Plugins For WordPress in 2023

In today’s time of internet independence, people have been presented with a variety and a bandwagon of choices. This variety of options is overwhelming and sometimes confusing. We have the reviews to save the day.

Talking about the reviews without considering one of the most trending and popping review platforms would be such an injustice to our readers. We are talking about nothing other than Yelp reviews. The platform is trusted with millions of followers across the world and has recently gained popularity among the masses. Talking about the WordPress website, one can easily embed Yelp reviews on WordPress with the help of smart and efficient plugins.

We have got readers covered and have handpicked a few amazing Yelp review plugins for WordPress websites. But before moving further, let us know some of the key benefits of embedding Yelp reviews on WordPress websites.

Benefits of Embedding Yelp Reviews on the WordPress Website:

There are multiple benefits to embedding Yelp reviews on WordPress websites. Still, we have carefully curated a list of the best ones that can help our readers understand the importance and advantages of adding a Yelp reviews widget to WordPress websites.

a). Social proof:

Yelp is a remarkable platform for embedding reviews; these reviews are very professional in providing social proof. Social proof acts as backing and validation for any website visitor or new potential customer. Social proof generates trust and credibility for your friend and its website. They are making your website more reliable on the Internet spectrum.

b). SEO rankings:

I’m batting for help. Reviews on your website can also help increase your search engine optimization ranking. And a better website ranking will make your website more visible on the internet and add to its enhanced reach.

c). Drives website traffic:

Eventually, your press website will be able to garner more traffic and steer more traffic in its direction. Reviews embedded on your website attract more attention from internet users, and your website will drive more traffic in its direction. And more traffic leads to more potential customers and website visitors.

Without further ado, let us look at some of the amazing Yelp review WordPress plugins that can help you embed desired Yelp reviews on websites seamlessly.

2023 Best Yelp Reviews WordPress Plugins:

We have carefully curated a list of some amazing plugins that can help our readers embed Yelp reviews on WP websites. These plugins are extremely efficient and reliable in delegating the embedding task.

1. Yelp Reviews Plugin by Tagembed:

The first and most prominent plugin that can be used to embed Yelp reviews on WordPress websites was brought up by Tagembed. This is an exceptionally good social media aggregator tool, and the plugin offered by Tagembed is also equally equipped with the same features that can help the user embed Yelp reviews seamlessly.

The plugin has a dedicated review widget that can be altered and adjusted per the user’s requirements and needs. Multiple templates and customization options can beautify and enhance the look of the widget. The plugin is designed in a manner to assist the customer in every step of embedding the desired reviews and has a perfect and compatible after-service user support team. The plugin is priced fairly, and its free trial plan is also very efficient for beginners as well as pro designers. The plugin can be easily located in the WordPress plugins store.

2. Yelp Reviews Pro WordPress plugin:

Next up, we have the Yelp Reviews Pro WordPress plugin. The plugin helps in showcasing the desired reviews on your WordPress website without using any shortcodes. The plugin saves a lot of time for the user as it is easy to use and time-efficient. The user can manually, using the plugins, select and segregate the best reviews to embed on their WordPress website. Like the previously mentioned plugin, this also offers a range of customizing options for the widget. The plugin allows users to display preferred Yelp reviews and ratings on their websites seamlessly. This would enhance the website’s reputation among internet audiences and make it more visible and reliable on the internet.

3. Ultimate Yelp Reviews:

We further have the plugin offered by Ultimate Yelp reviews, and this is one of the latest and most popular WP plugins. The plugin enables the user to showcase their Yelp profiles as well as the desired reviews. They can also swiftly make changes to the widget’s looks and feel. The plugin is fully customizable, and the user can easily display the location and maps of their subsequent businesses on their websites.

4. WordPress Yelp Review Slider:

Another amazing WP Yelp reviews plugin is the WordPress Yelp Review Slider. Imagine a WordPress plugin with a slider. Though this is an image slider, with a catch, it can easily display your desired Yelp reviews on a WordPress website. You can also download and showcase any and all Yelp reviews and business posts to make your website stand out and set it apart from your competitors. The plugin comes with handy and advanced slider control options, making it a perfect choice.

5. GoServe Review Widget:

Last but not least, we have the Goserve Review Widget. This is an impeccable WordPress plugin through which the user can conveniently display and showcase the desired Yelp reviews on their WordPress websites. It is simple to use and backed by multiple features, such as auto-update and monitoring, that help the user in post-publication analysis of the reviews on the website. The plugin allows users to embed multiple Yelp reviews on their WordPress websites. The plugin is coding-free, absolutely free of charge, and easily accessible.

In Essence:-

Embedding Yelp reviews on WordPress websites has many benefits, and we have highlighted some of the key benefits above as well. Thus, marketers and website enthusiasts should consider embedding Yelp reviews on their websites. And in accordance with the WordPress websites, we have mentioned some amazing WordPress Yelp reviews widget plugins that can be further used to make the embedding task a cakewalk!

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