Some Unknown Facts about Ola

Ola, being a multinational ride-sharing company, has some hidden facts that many of its customers are still not aware of. It was a general start-up like any other firm, and it was an initiative by two young leaders: Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Agarwal. They had their plans sorted out for the same and launched the firm back in 2010.

Scroll to generate some additional information about the firm, introducing you to the success mantra and struggles behind its success. Also, get answers to some of the misconceptions under the name of the Ola Customer Care Number.

Unicorn Club Member:

Ola is an Indian startup that was among the top firms to join the Unicorn Clun in the shortest possible time.

Office Space:

Being a startup, the company was launched on an average budget, and the first office space was a 10’* 12′ small room in Bombay, to which the owner’s hard work transformed into a multiplex building in different states and countries.

Business Plan:

The company was initially launched to provide weekend trips to its customers, but its overwhelming response turned it into a multinational ride-sharing company.

Zero Cars:

The company’s owner started with a pledge never to own their own car and work for the company selflessly. They showed their dedication to the same and followed up on their words to date.


The company logo is the most consistent thing to date, as it is the same minimalistic picture as it was on its launch date. The tagline of the company says, Ola Cabs: Book Cabs and Car Rentals Online.

Cabs Fleet:

It started with a minimum of ten cabs, and now its cab number has increased to millions. With every recent update, the count rises significantly, increasing its stake in the market with time. As of February 2020, around 1.5 million drivers are registered with the company and are working towards its success.

Religion Free:

The company is free from any religion and claims that it never asks for drivers. A job and opportunity cannot be judged based on religion, as mentioned by the company.

Total distance covered:

With so many registered drivers, the company is estimated to have covered around 6 billion kilometers by 2019. The company has protected 366 million kilometers in approximately 10,000 states, and bikes registered with the same have covered about 166 million kilometers till 2019. Autos have been estimated to have covered around 1200 million kilometers.

Clarification about Ola’s customer care:

Ola, as already discussed, is an online platform launched to serve its customers with affordable intercity and intracity rides. Being an online platform, various glitches, issues, and confusions are related to the forum, requiring confirmation of its reliability.

While searching for company facts, we found many queries related to misleading customer care numbers listed online. We want to clarify to our reader that you must rely on the website’s information provided on its official webpage. All the other sources can only be trusted after verifying their origin.

Also, Ola has mentioned that for their customers’s convenience, they have multiple contact mediums available for trustworthy and instant replies. They have said that customers can contact them via toll-free number or email and write their suggestions in the tab provided on the web page.

Thus, after researching the same, Ola customer care numbers are different for all the countries and states the company is serving. You can search for the website along with the country’s name for results. Also, you can write down your queries on its social media platforms, where the officials will reply in the shortest possible time.

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