Freshers’s Guide: How To Build The Perfect Resume

Freshers's Guide: How To Build The Perfect Resume

If you are willingly waiting to apply for your first job, then your hunt for a job starts with writing a well-polished and professional resume. You should always be mindful that you have just 6 seconds to make an impression on the recruiter. The reason for this is that a recruiter usually won’t take more than a few seconds to look at your resume. Therefore, it is always advised for a job seeker to create a perfect resume that makes a mark in the mind of the recruiter. Safejob offers a perfect resume builder that helps you create your resume in no time. The sooner you start building a perfect resume, the easier it will be for you to get your first job. Below are some tips to build a perfect resume.

How to build the perfect resume: 

  • Read the job description: Every resume should be specific to the skills and qualities needed for the particular job you are applying for. It is very important to read the job description before you write your perfect resume, as this will help you choose the right keywords you should include in your resume to get the job.
  • Include your contact information: The first section of your resume is meant to state all of your contact information. This includes your name, phone number, address, and email address. You can even add links to your social media profiles, personal websites, or personal blogs in this section. The only thing you need to be mindful of while adding these links to your resume is that your profile on these platforms should be entirely professional.
  • Write a powerful summary statement: The next section of your resume should have a personal summary of who you are as a professional. This personal summary would include your career goals and what you have achieved so far in life. A great resume summary statement should be able to convey your knowledge and passion for the particular role you are applying for.
  • Choose the skills you want to highlight: Choose wisely the skills you want to highlight in your resume that the recruiter might be looking for in you. You can often find these specific skills the employer is looking for listed clearly in the job description. When listing your skills, it is best to be mindful of what skills the company requires.
  • Highlight education, training, and certifications: The last section of your resume should include information about the education, training, and certifications you have. This could include details about your college education, certificates, if any, and professional training in a particular field, if any. You should list out your professional achievements in this section as well.

You can build your perfect resume with the help of Safejob’s perfect resume builder. It’s easy to use with optimized customization, so you no longer have to worry about how to go about resume building. It’s completely time-efficient and wins over the hearts of the recruiters. Keeping in mind all these above tips and tricks, our perfect resume builder does its job efficiently.

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