How much does an average Indian earn in Canada?

How much does an average Indian earn in Canada?

Canada is all about great jobs and even better pay. Have we heard it right? Indians are one of those who benefit from this. Because many of the skilled workers who work in all kinds of jobs come from India only.

The earning capacity of Indians is much higher as compared to other countries. Because they can work as truck drivers, welders, electricians, or even plumbers. Most of the doctors, nurses, physicians, and IT-related jobs have employed Indian workers.

Indian students spend so much on studies when they enroll in universities. It is a large-scale investment. Later, when these Indian students find a job in Canada, they earn a much higher amount, depending on their degree and qualifications.

Salaries for Indians have been between $72,292 and $91,472. An average Indian earns a little less than those who were born in Canada. This is because they need to undergo licensing, recognition of their credentials, and language fluency test factors to apply for Canada PR from India.

Why is Canada a great earning destination for Indian immigrants? 

Jobs! Yes, that is the right answer. The economy of Canada is fueled by immigrants. Without them, progress would be stalled. Many positions require special skills, which can only be offered by foreign-born people. For them, Canada has employers who are willing to pay a good salary for their services.

The low unemployment rate, currently at 6.10%, is one of the reasons why it is seen as a nation that gives earnings to every average Indian. And, if you become a permanent resident, then you get other additional perks like free healthcare insurance and coverage, education at subsidized rates, and social security assistance.

Every Canadian province has its own list of professions on its updated list. And every job has good pay for the entry-level position itself. And if you have gained sufficient experience, then you can even get paid more. Just look at whether you are licensed or accredited by the appropriate licensing authority.

Also, the nation is in favor of people who come from diverse backgrounds. Many networks and communities are there for the recruitment of skilled Indian workers. They encourage the inclusion of people from different nationalities, with Indians being at the top of this list.

Salary paid to an average Indian in 2024 by Canada 

In terms of assessment, what you can see is that an average Indian who can find a job in Canada can earn up to $38,061 on an annual basis. Per hour, you can get a salary as an average Indian worker of up to $19.52 every hour. Every industry has a different earning structure and scale.

For example, healthcare workers get paid well, especially if they are anesthesiologists, surgeons, occupational therapists, or registered nurses. Those Indian immigrants who are experienced in their job type can get an average salary in Canada of up to $58,828 every year.

Name of Province Salaries
Quebec $84,908
British Columbia $48,750
Alberta $56,492
Ontario $77,698
New Brunswick $56,874
Saskatchewan $48,750

Some industries that pay the highest salaries are IT advisory, healthcare, chemical and petroleum industries, commercial banking, and financial services. Your average wage is the mathematical mean of a salary earned by a group of people.

Annually, an Indian can even earn 534,000 CAD, or INR 31,18,9445, as an average salary in Canada. Your median as well as your average salary are indicators of your salary. If you have worked for between 2 and 5 years, you can receive a raise of up to 32%.

Those who have a bachelor’s degree or an undergraduate one get a raise of 24% and 29% if they have finished their masters. Some of the sectors that have great salaries belong to:

  1. Accommodation and food services give you between $22,877.92 and INR 1,72,8837.
  2. Administration and Support: salary of $47,369.92 or INR 3579722
  3. Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation: $40,241.76 or INR 3,04,1052.
  4. Construction: $68,374.28, or INR 5,16,7091
  5. Education: $58,343.48, or INR 4,40,9038
  6. Finance and Insurance: $76,843 or INR 5,80,7793
  7. Forestry and Logging: $58,739.20 or INR 4,43,9493
  8. Health Care and Social Assistance sectors: $52,888.68 or INR 3,99,7275
  9. Information and Culture Sectors: $71,634 or INR 5,41,4097
  10. Management of Companies and Enterprises: $74,560.72 or INR 5,63,5244
  11. Manufacturing: $59,250,36, or INR 44,781,4220
  12. Mining, Oil, and Gas Extraction: $113,506.12 or INR 8,57,8783
  13. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: $76,077.56 or INR 5,74,9899
  14. Public Administration: $75,799.88 or INR 5,72,8888
  15. Real Estate (Rental/Leasing): $58,623.76 or INR 4,43,0726
  16. Retail: $34,503.04 or INR 2,60,7736
  17. Transportation and Warehousing: $61,011.08 or INR 4,61,1211
  18. Utilities: $101,531.04 or INR 7,67,3712.
  19. Wholesale Trade: $67,456.48 or INR 50,98324 


Because of the growth in salaries, many Indians are opting to apply for Canada PR from India. Wish to come here and earn? Start applying now, get a job in Canada of your choice, and look at your growth!

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