What Are the Top Booming Industries in the UAE?

What Are the Top Booming Industries in the UAE?

The answer to that question is simple. And all your predictions are almost correct. Real estate, construction, tourism, and hospitality—that’s correct. But why? Is it easy to finish the business setup in Dubai, and who provides the best business setup services? And what are the other booming industries in the UAE in 2022 and 2023? Let’s discuss that now. And do not forget to bookmark this page, because you will need it later. Let’s get started.

The construction industry in the UAE

According to the country’s formal commercial guide, the construction sector was the most significant industry in the UAE in 2022. And it will remain a booming industry in the UEA in the upcoming few years. It recorded a growth of 3.4% in 2022. That is for too many reasons. The most significant one is the rapid development that the UAE has been witnessing recently.

Real estate businesses in the UAE

Consecutively, the real estate section is one of the most significant sectors of the Emirates economy. There is always room for startups and small businesses in the real estate industry in any market. And that’s because both buyers and sellers will prefer who brings the best price anyway. The real estate sector in the UAE holds massive construction firms, real estate traders and brokers, independent agents, digital marketing services, etc. And it is one of the easiest industries to start a business in Dubai because of the continuous high demand for real estate in all UAE cities. Startup service providers like Freezonemarket could help you with premium business setup services.

Hospitality businesses in the UAE

The hospitality sector in the UAE is one of the fastest-growing in the world, according to Commitbiz. It generates around 5% of the GDP of a rich country with tens of massive industries, such as oil, construction, real estate, etc. If we only think about food, for example, we realize that there could be hundreds of possible business opportunities in the UAE due to the number of nationalities there! And that’s only food! There are tens of related and complementary ideas for business in the UAE hospitality and tourism niche, such as:

  • Restaurants and fast food franchises
  • Cafes and Venues
  • Bakery franchises and startups
  • Food Catering Products and Services
  • Food Packing Products and Services
  • Delivery and Transportation Services
  • Pest and Housekeeping Services
  • Related Admin Services (Ex: HR-EERP)

Tourism and Travel Booming Businesses in the UAE

In Thrillophilia alone, there are more than 55 places to enjoy the most entertaining activities in the world in the UAE. Can you imagine the business opportunities? How about your imagination when you consider that this is only one list?! There are hundreds of places around the UAE with the most entertaining activities in the world nowadays. That gives room for creativity and many options for startups in the UAE.

What is Freezone Market?

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