Subscribe to the Best: Spectrum Silver Packages

Subscribe to the Best: Spectrum Silver Packages

There’s no shortage of internet, cable, and phone providers out there, but the real trick is finding a good provider that is both reliable and trustworthy in terms of all its services. Spectrum is among the few top-notch quality providers that provides great packages just for you. Why do we say that? You want us to back up this claim? No problem; we will give you the top 10 reasons why Spectrum is the best:

1. Contract Buy-Out Offer

It is no secret that internet service providers in the US tend to trap consumers into contracts. This means that even if you, as a consumer, are unhappy with your internet or cable services, you are essentially trapped in a subscription to a bad provider, as the fees to break a contract can be extremely pricy. However, Spectrum is so sure of the quality of its internet, TV, and phone services that it offers up to a $500 contract buy-out if you choose to subscribe to a double or triple package.

2.    Contract-Free

How sure is Spectrum of the quality of its services? Sure enough, Spectrum does not try to trap you into a contract. That’s right, signing up for Spectrum is contract-free! There are no early termination fees; you are free to switch to another internet service provider any time you like. This also makes things extremely practical and easy if you are moving to another state (that does not have Spectrum as a provider) or another country altogether.

3. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You probably thought things could not get any sweeter, but brace yourselves because they can! Did you know that Spectrum offers a 30-day money-back guarantee? That means you can sign up for Spectrum services, and if you are not satisfied, you can always quit with no consequences and a return of your first month’s fees.

4. No Data Caps

Many ISPs have limits on the amount of data you can use per month. This can be extremely inconvenient, especially as more people are making the switch to working from home or flexitime. In addition to this, students perform research-oriented tasks and even get homework assigned online, which makes data restrictions even more troublesome, not to mention the different shows and movies everyone wants to watch. Unless Spectrum finds that its user has gone against the terms and conditions laid out in their agreement, measures like data throttling are not applied. This means you can work and stream in HD without worrying about a data cap. It might also prevent some fights in the home about who is using the most internet.

5. Free Installation

As if Spectrum did not sound good enough. They go the extra mile to help out new customers by providing free installation. Perhaps some of you out there are tech-savvy enough to handle the installation yourself, but most people need the help of professionals to make sure they do the job right, especially if you’re among the older population. This is where Spectrum comes in handy, since you get professional installation at no cost at all.

6. Use the Spectrum Silver TV App.

Spectrum gives you access to popular favorites, but the good stuff does not end there. With the Spectrum TV app, you can get access to everything in your Spectrum Silver package on-the-go by streaming on your devices, such as your smartphone or tablets.

7. Awesome Offers:

All ISPs try to compete with one another to provide the best deals for you, but Spectrum Silver packages take the cake because they are simply that great! You can subscribe to the Spectrum TV Silver package, or you can sweeten your deal by bundling your internet and TV together, or by bundling your TV + internet + phone together. How? By selecting one of these deals below:

·        Spectrum TV Silver

With this TV subscription, you can get access to over 175 channels, and that too in free HD. Along with this subscription, you get access to thousands of on-demand channels, such as HBO Max, Nick Jr., Showtime, NFL Network, etc. So if you are a household with varying age groups and a diverse set of TV preferences, then this might be just what you are looking for. Also, the free Spectrum TV app means that even if the TV is occupied because dad needs to watch the game, you can grab your tablet or smartphone to watch another channel or movie.

This Spectrum Silver package is currently offered at the promotional price of $74.99 per month for the first year. After this, please note that the prices may change and you may incur additional fees, taxes, and surcharge payments per month.

·        Spectrum Double Play Silver

We won’t bore you by repeating everything above, but to cut a long story short, the Spectrum Double Play Silver package builds upon the Spectrum TV Silver offer; that is, it contains all the similar features of the first package along with internet download speeds as high as 200 Mbps. Setting up your internet becomes even cheaper than before because, once you sign up for this package, you are entitled to a free internet modem as well as anti-virus software. With the rising rates of cybercrime and the increased risk of hacking, having solid anti-virus software is sure to help protect against malware, viruses, etc.

·        Spectrum Triple Play Silver

This internet + TV + phone deal builds upon the Spectrum Double Play Silver package by offering the same features in terms of the TV plus internet, though this package differs in that it also includes, at no cost, access to the Spectrum out-of-home Wi-Fi that has great coverage nationwide. Now you can utilize Spectrum services even if your smartphone’s data connection has failed you and you have no access to Wi-Fi. In this package, you will also be allowed unlimited calling and be entitled to great features like blocking callers, etc.

To sum up

Spectrum is one of the most reliable ISPs out there, so why wait to subscribe to Spectrum when you have all these great features and deals at your fingertips?

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