Which Certification Is Best In AWS?

Which Certification Is Best In AWS?

With 31 percent of the market, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is perhaps the most extensively used cloud service. AWS certifications are also one of the most highly valued in the rapidly increasing cloud computing industry. Global Knowledge recognized one AWS certification as the third highest-paid IT certification in 2021.

The top AWS certifications are in high demand, and they may help qualified cloud professionals land promotions and well-paying IT jobs. They also cover a wide range of topics while ensuring that certificate holders have a thorough understanding of specific areas of cloud computing.

Types of AWS Certifications

AWS offers 11 different credentials in four different categories: fundamental, associate, professional, and specialist. AWS offers only one key credential: The Certified Cloud Practitioner. Those with six months of technical or non-technical expertise with AWS are recommended for this certification.

AWS offers three associate-level certifications: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator. Candidates for the Associate certification must have at least one year of hands-on expertise with the AWS platform.

Advanced students can get two professional qualifications and five specialised certifications, and AWS cloud computing experience of at least two years is required for these certifications.

Listed below are:

  • Overall Best AWS Certification
  • Best AWS Certification for beginners
  • Best AWS Certification for Professionals
  • Best Cloud Certification
  • Best AWS Certification for Architects
  1. Overall Best- AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – The associate level is the best overall and is the most significant IT credential available. It is the most well-known of the AWS credentials. The Solutions Architect – Associate certificate was the third-highest-paying IT certification in North America in 2021, according to a Global Knowledge poll. The average pay for survey participants with this certificate was $159,033.

This qualification aids firms in identifying potential employees with critical cloud implementation competencies. Achieving the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate credential validates your competence to build and deploy distributed systems on AWS.

Candidates can take the exam either with a proctor online or at a testing location, like all AWS certification examinations. AWS provides a free exam guide, practice questions, and other study aids if you decide to pursue this certification. You can also take AWS’s free two-hour exam preparation course, which describes the exam’s structure and provides study tips.

  1. Best for Beginners – AWS Certified Developer- Associate

If you have any hands-on experience with AWS, the AWS Certified Developer – Associate examination isthe best place to start your AWS certification route. Because acquiring this certification first will enable obtaining future associate certificates easier.

Your mastery of AWS services, architecture, and the best practices will be demonstrated by obtaining your AWS Certified Developer – Associate certificate. The AWS developer certification was among the highest-paying qualifications in the world in 2021. The average income for professionals with this degree was $159,767 worldwide.

AWS recommends AWS Technical Essentials, developing on AWS, and starting up with DevOps as courses to help applicants prepare for the Certified Developer test. The exam can be taken online or at a testing center. There are also free study materials and practice questions available.

  1. Best for Professionals – AWS Certified Security

The AWS Certified Security certificate, like other AWS specialty certifications, is for advanced IT professionals. Up to five years of IT experience and one year of AWS exposure are required. Responding to security breaches, building security surveillance systems, troubleshooting safe network infrastructure, and many more are all part of the objectives of the test.

Due to security issues touching so many aspects of cloud computing, this specialized certification has a greater scope than the others. It’s a good option for individuals looking to develop in the rapidly expanding subject of cloud security, which is anticipated to rise by 115% by 2026.

AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam can be taken at a testing center or online with a proctor. AWS suggests a few courses to help you prepare. Beginning with AWS Security, Identity, and Compliance, a free three-hour digital course, is a fantastic place to start. A free exam preparation course, practice questions, and other resources are also available.

  1. Best for Cloud Certification – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the best option for cloud certification. By being  AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner you can gain a basic grasp of the AWS cloud infrastructure, and you’ll learn how to discuss its architectural principles, financial worth to users, and security features.

The Cloud Practitioner exam doesn’t assess cloud computing technical skills. Entry-level professionals with this certificate, on the other hand, can expect a good wage. The national average, according to ZipRecruiter, is $89,643.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is the most fundamental AWS exam. Applicants for the certificate can take the exam in a testing centre or online with a proctor. AWS suggests that exam takers have had at least six months of AWS experience; however, this experience does not have to be technical.

  1. Best for Architect Certification- AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

According to Global Knowledge, this certification was the highest-paid AWS qualification in 2021, with an average yearly pay of $161,409. The Solutions Architect – Professional certification requires at least two years of expertise in creating and deploying cloud architecture on AWS.

Professional certification as a solutions architect has no prerequisites; nonetheless, attaining this certificate necessitates a thorough understanding of almost every aspect of AWS. As a result, obtaining several associate certifications before taking one of AWS’ most difficult tests may be a good idea.

You can take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional examination in a testing facility or online with a proctor. AWS provides free study tools, such as an exam guide, practice tests, and an exam preparation course.

In Conclusion

The most convenient approach to decide which AWS certification is appropriate for you is to evaluate which one best supports your professional goals. Consider the complexity of each exam, as passing a certification exam that is simpler may allow you to improve your career equally as effectively as passing one that is more challenging. If you’re new to AWS, start by looking into which AWS certifications are now in high demand and comparing the pay of experts with those qualifications.

However, if you are a beginner, it is recommended to start with the basic AWS certification.

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