Will React Native be The Right Solution for Enterprise for Mobile App Development?

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Did you know that among the 500 mobile apps in the United States, 14.85% of installed apps are built with React Native? Indeed, there is no doubt that React Native is the choice of top companies, especially Facebook. However, myriad Android and iPhone app developers prefer the React Native cross-platform framework for mobile app development.

When you want to develop your mobile app, you’ll come across perhaps numerous app development platforms. From there, you have to choose the right solution for your enterprise. For this reason, React Native is undeniably the choice. React Native holds tons of features that will result in the best seamless and streamlined mobile app possible.

You don’t have to choose. Now. The article has just started. We’ll be addressing the question: Is React Native the best solution for your enterprise? Well, let’s find out.

In this article, you’ll explore the wonders of React Native and its competencies that will help your enterprise escalate further.

Overview of React Native

Before we head further, let’s first have a quick overview of React Native. When we talk about cross-platform app frameworks, it’s bizarre to ignore one of the giants of cross-platform. Not to mention, it is widely used for Android and iOS. And it’s an eminent framework among other cross-platform frameworks. Facebook created React Native in 2015. In the last six years, React Native’s developer community has been growing even more than before. In addition, it is built on JavaScript, and it guarantees to deliver a native-like app for iOS and Android platforms. Given that it’s JavaScript-based, Consequently, numerous developers find it easy to build natural UI in React Native.

Furthermore, React Native has an iterative period that helps yield flawless apps. Besides, it helps with the with the difference in codebase; there is only one codebase for each platform. React Native middles focus more on UI (User Interface). As a result, developers can create highly responsive UI interfaces. React Native is an open-source, cross-platform app framework. Provided that, it’s free for any developer who intends to build mobile apps using React Native.

Being a cross-platform app development framework, which enables the developer to only code once. Also, one-time coding will run on diverse mobile platforms.

However, several companies today admire the potential of React Native and prefer this platform for mobile app development contentedly.

Giant Industries is using React Native.

You should know that gigantic industries have used this framework and never faced any element of discontent. Besides, big industries worldwide have chosen React Native because of the best possible results it yields. Of course, you have various options to select from in the giant ocean of frameworks. But if you want result-driven mobile apps that are compatible with lots of other platforms, React Native is the best choice for you.

In addition, React Native can be convenient for building apps on the UMP (Universal Windows Platform). It is compatible with the top third-party plugins, such as Google Maps.

Moreover, you’ll be astonished to know the names of top industries that have used React Native to build their apps. The leading companies are Uber, Skype, Facebook, Pinterest, Tesla, and others. So, I guess this slice of statement has made you more into React Native. But wait, there is more.

To know for sure why these titan industries are using React Native, bear with us.

Sharing and Reusability of the Code

With React Native, you can easily customize your app’s front-end, which you can share between iOS and Android. Even without coding for different platforms, the code can be shared. Not to mention, you can reuse the code as well—to serve multiple other platforms—to save time and effort. React Native allows you to develop mobile apps for varied Android and iOS platforms, such as macOS, TVOS, Android TV, etc.

Improved Productivity

Many industries have chosen React Native due to its enhanced productivity. It uses 95% of the code script, which can be shared between both platforms. Hence, the React Native framework offers developers the opportunity to spend less time on development and more time on planning and leading. Moreover, it can help developers dodge any casualties of the JS library.

Less developer

If you choose React Native, it can be genuinely cost-effective since it requires a single team of app developers. Simply put, a sole framework and only a couple of developers (with JavaScript expertise) can develop the hybrid app. Hybrid app: an app that runs on multiple platforms.

UI/UX Design

If you want a highly interactive design, then through React Native, you can make that possible. However, it not only builds cross-platform apps but also provides a platform-specific UI design. Further, it allows developers to construct excellent, engaging UI/UX designs.


Have you ever thought of using animations in your apps? Yes. React Native can ensure you have many libraries through which you can embed exquisite animation to engage users. Not to mention, you can easily use animating codes in React Native.

Speedy Release

React Native mobile apps are quick to market since they use the same codebase, which is easily controllable after its release. Hence, allowing the app developers to make instant changes even after the app release. Additionally, React Native enables you to have complete control over the release date. Because of its easy programming, you can develop apps faster and with more time for testing, unlike other frameworks.


React Native has been the choice of many industries because it is compatible with many platforms. Also, React Native offers audio and video features to embed in your app. Again, that can work on all mobile platforms. Similarly, if you know the concept of CSS in HTML, React Native is flex-based development.

Moreover, these are the reasons why many giant industries use React Native for their mobile app development.

Is React Native an ideal solution for your enterprise?

If you are ready to plan more frequent updates than you usually would on a native app development platform, Since React Native constantly updates its platform to be more future-proof, you must also update your app regularly. And keep in mind that it truly has a positive impact on your mobile app.

Although it can be the best solution, React Native requires more frequent updates compared to other frameworks. However, it’s not a shortcoming but more of an incentive to build standalone mobile apps. Not to mention, due to this reason, numerous businesses have put their hands on React Native.

In addition, increasingly, more updates are being pushed repeatedly in React Native. With this in mind, it’s perhaps conceivable that React Native will rule over the cross-platform frameworks for an extended period of time.

Wrapping Up

With any luck, this article has demonstrated a sheer view of the ongoing trends in React Native, which has proven that it can be the best choice for your enterprise. React Native is the future of mobile app development. To support the previous statement, React Native is not freezing but advancing with the current technologies. But it is being updated with more features for exceptional mobile app development. There is also a certainty of its success in the future, bearing in mind the number of giant tech industries that use React Native.

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