How can Ergonomic Furniture Benefit People in the Banking Industry?

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Ergonomic furniture is absolutely needed for the people at banks to balance their work lives Banking Industry.

The banking industry is rapidly changing with revisions in guidelines and the addition of regulations, processes, and laws. It is becoming more and more challenging for an employee to keep up with the standards.

The expectation from a banker is too high that they do an error-free job with 100 percent accuracy. Is this for real? Is a banker not a human, or doesn’t he or she have a personal life? The burden needs to be reduced from their head of working with perfection. It is not a proposal to reduce their work or responsibilities, nor does the author mean that mistakes should be accepted as an exception. But this burden can be reduced by external factors, and one such factor is “ergonomic furniture.”.

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is gaining popularity with the services it offers. It is not just furniture, but specifically designed furniture to provide comfort and convenience to the user. It is designed as per the study done on the human body.

Ergonomic furniture is scientifically designed to support the lower back so that the natural S’ shape is maintained. In addition, it also gives support to the neck, shoulder, head, arms, and legs. The user feels at ease while working on it and is able to focus better on his or her work. The user can find more space in the work area and peace. He or she can then work with efficiency and better performance, which will contribute to personal growth as well as organizational growth. It will improve the work rate and increase the profit. It becomes the organization’s responsibility to provide the team with the healthiest workspace, which would also result in business growth.

Common ergonomically designed products are office chairs, adjustable desks for home offices, and monitor risers.

Let us understand the need for ergonomic furniture in the banking industry.

Banking Industry

Banking has become a part of everyone’s life. We have our personal banker or some of our known working in a bank. We are always in need of them for financial advice, transaction details, investments, loans, or to open a bank account.

People in the banking industry are struggling to meet daily targets, to do an error-free job, to meet seniors’ expectations, and to satisfy customers. They have to sit on weekends and also late at night on month-end (the target completion date) days to help the business vertical. Not only is this banking job full of risk as money is involved, Any entry of excess funds transferred, short charges collected, etc. leads to a warning letter. With tremendous efforts and hard work, the job of an employee is insecure, and so they also lose their loyalty towards the organization.

The situation of the banking industry can be better analyzed using the below points:

  1. Competition: There is a high level of competition, and it is becoming easier for customers to switch banks.
  2. Regulations and Byelaws: Frequent changes in the regulations and bye-laws of the banking industry and non-compilation result in a heavy penalty.
  3. Digitalization: Digitalization in the banking industry, or e-banking (electronic banking), is challenging for employees as they have to engage their customers and bring them on this platform. Not only this, but in case of any update or change, they need to keep their customers informed and assist them with any entry done by them erroneously.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Meeting the expectations of customers is adding to the struggle of a banker. Convincing customers of the charges, the loan’s rate of interest, cross-selling of other products, credit card penalties, etc.
  5. Business Growth: A banker has to contribute to the growth of business along with the assigned job.
  6. Meeting TAT: Completion of work Turn Around Time (TAT) as defined by the organization.

Can ergonomic furniture benefit people in the banking industry?

Let us find out how ergonomic furniture can benefit people working in the banking industry.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle: Ergonomic furniture helps in maintaining good body posture and provides support to the lumbar, neck, arms, shoulders, and legs. It relaxes the muscles and enhances the natural movement of the body. It keeps the energy level of employees high and lets them work with effectiveness. It also helps in avoiding the risk of serious diseases like arthritis, obesity, etc. Not only physically, but it also helps in giving rest to the mind of an employee.
  2. Easy to Communicate: Ergonomic furniture will help a banker communicate better with his or her team, customers, and seniors. This helps in taking quick decisions and therefore helps in avoiding delays in taking actions.

With the introduction of ergonomic meeting pods or booths, it has become easier for an employee to find a place where, without interference, discussions can be had.

  1. Better Performance: Ergonomic furniture with comfort lets an employee focus better on his or her job, and this will make him perform better. Ultimately, higher efficiency and extra time bankers can invest in some other productive areas or in answering customer queries.
  2. Meeting Goals: Ergonomic furniture can help a banker meet personal as well as professional goals.
  3. Loyalty towards Organization: When a bank invests in an employee’s health, in return, the employee will also become loyal to the organization. He or she will serve with all his or her hard work, energy, and positivity.

Final Words

To thrive in the current state and to assist its people in situations of stress, workload, and competition,the bank should transform its workspace with ergonomic furniture.

Keeping bankers happy will, in return, benefit banks too!

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