Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed On Website

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Feed On Website

In this age of digitalization, websites play a vital role for businesses to attract more customers and achieve their sales goals. Hence, improving website visuals is one of the most important marketing strategies for businesses.

Websites are like a brand’s online representative, and everyone wants to have an impressive representative. Therefore, businesses are opting to embed Instagram feeds on their websites. Many might argue that simply adding images and videos can solve the purpose, which is a valid argument. But there are some drawbacks to it. First, images and videos take resources from the website hosting storage. Hence, it can affect website performance and speed. Secondly, you have to keep track and change images and videos to avoid making your website monotonous.

And to counter these drawbacks, businesses prefer adding an Instagram feed to their website. Other than countering the above drawbacks, it provides the following advantages:.

Benefits of embedding an Instagram feed on a website

The strategies provide various amazing benefits that can help you in many ways. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the key benefits that we think can convince you to adopt this strategy. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Enhances the overall appeal and look of the website.

Instagram is a great platform that allows users to express themselves using various features. And we all know how creative Instagram users are and how amazingly they use the provided platform for their content. It brings a great vibe to Instagram and eventually helps the platform get more users. By opting to embed Instagram feeds on your website, you can bring the same vibe to your website.

The vibrant and exciting content from Instagram can bring life to your website and make it more appealing to visitors. You can either opt to showcase user-generated content related to your business or display content from your own Instagram handle.

By displaying content from your Instagram handle, you can present images and videos of your product attractively. If there is limited period content that you are running, you can even showcase that on your website. Or by displaying content from your consumers, you can prove your credibility and encourage your visitors to purchase, as these contents often act as social proof.

Makes the website engaging.

Consumers prefer visiting a website that enhances their browsing experience. And the easiest way to add that feature to your website is by making it engaging for visitors. The regular content on the website can help you attain that factor for your website.

Social media aggregator tools automatically update the widget; there is no need to manually refresh it or copy the embedding code of each post to display on the website. In simple words, as soon as anyone uploads content from your source, your website will showcase it without any hassle.

The unlimited scrolling option can generate interest in the minds of the visitors and keep them hooked for a long duration. And as a customer spends more time on the website, it might increase your chances of attaining sales.

Assist in increasing website search engine ranking.

The competition in the market is fierce. Almost every day, there is a new business website that enters this competition. And to survive in this competition, one needs to stand out from the crowd, and for that, you need your website to stand out from the crowd.

Although Instagram widgets can help you make them more pleasing, what is the point of beautifying your website if your target customers cannot look at them? Instagram feeds on the website help in that cause as well.

As mentioned before, feeds increase visitor engagement, helping you to attain more website traffic. Moreover, it decreases your bounce rate, which results in improving your search engine ranking. That means if someone searches for anything related to your business, due to its better ranking, the search engine will suggest your website to the user. It helps you increase your brand’s reputation and recognition.

Boosts UGC for your business

Alongside improving the website, the Instagram feed on the website also gives a great boost to your marketing plans. We all know how beneficial user-generated content for a brand is, and you can boost it by showcasing it on the website.

People feel valued and respected when a business features their content on its website. It encourages them and other consumers to prepare more content related to your business and enjoy their limelight on the website. And we all know how effective UGCs are for businesses; they help to gather a larger audience and increase brand awareness.

It helps in conversion.

As mentioned above, user-generated content can act as social proof, encouraging consumers to buy from your brand. Also, people often use Instagram to post their reviews of a particular product or brand. You can even showcase those on your website, helping your consumers in their purchase decisions. All these measures eventually help you convert your visitors into customers.


Instagram provides great aid to businesses; it helps them reach a new audience and provides them with a platform to express themselves. So including it in the marketing plan can do wonders for your business. And by adding feeds to the website, you can extract great benefits from the platforms.

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