Make the best out of the Ola app instead of booking a ride

Ola customer care helpline number The popular cab-hailing service and company have been winning the hearts of Indians for many years. No wonder the company has strong competition in the market, but its app has proved to be a re-inventive way to beat the competition. The well-strategized app brings in new avenues and a way to be relevant. The Ola app is not just meant to book a ride but offers many services; some of them are mentioned below:
  • Pay your phone bill or recharge—Ola Money is the new venture of the company. The feature allows passengers to pay taxi payments without any issue. You can even pay the phone bill or recharge it by using Ola Money wallets. It is also beneficial to pay electricity bills, gas bills, etc.
  • Transfer money and make payments—Ola Money is like any other e-wallet. You can use it to transfer small amounts of money from one personal account to another. But the recipient needs to have an Ola Money account to receive the money. You can even use the Ola e-wallet at local stores to pay the money.
  • Ola Play: This is the current feature that is a part of Ola’s ride. With this feature, you can have entertainment while riding an Ola taxi. The Ola rider is offered a tablet that he can use to watch videos or play games. The tablet will have a WiFi connection within the car.
  • Shuttle services: Ola shuttle service comes with many benefits. By using the Ola app, you can go for its shuttle services, where you can choose your pick-up point and drop-off point while confirming a seat on a shuttle. This is the best way to save money every day.
Conclusion The Ola app comes with various features. However, if you are new to the app and find it confusing, you can always call the Ola customer care helpline number to learn more about it.

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