Decorations in your garden

Decorations in your garden

Hello, Alexandra of YouTube’s medium-sized channel and blog, and today we will talk about how to choose and place carvings and decorations in your garden. Garden decorations can elevate your garden in a way that no one else can; they provide make-up and decoration in the summer when there is so much more going on, and in the winter, they are usually the only thing you will see.

Garden engraving and decorations can add a little garden focus and great garden markers, and I have seen some good examples over the past few years, so I will show you here to help you decide what kind of sculpture and garden decorations will work for your garden. Of course, garden sculptures can be very expensive, but garden decorations are also very expensive, and there is a confusing line between the two. You can also buy second-hand items at junk or online auctions and be able to adapt to something.

When a car hit my friend’s fence, he thought the metal frame looked like a sculpture, painted it, and put it in his garden, and now you see it—in Doddington Place Gardens, and where I’m talking about the gardens I’m going to visit or where I have the names of sculptors or shops where the picture is found.

Go to tips for choosing and placing carved ornaments in the garden. The most important use of stone carvings is the focus of the garden. For example, this beautiful stainless steel image attracts attention to a part of the garden that might otherwise have been neglected, and I think the thing I notice here is that such a beautiful contrast. It is stainless steel, light, straight, airy, and visible. On its sides, there is texture, there is movement, there are very strong conditions on these very dark trees, and then there are fields beyond that, so it is a real piece of standing. Comparison with the focus point is what makes this recording work.

Another thing you can do is plan your focus on your investment. Here are three or four trees that make up a very small orchard, and in the center is a modern-day sculpture made of trees. It is an important place. And again, if you look at the difference here, the owner of this field would have chosen something more natural, but they actually decided to go for today’s photo; the choice is yours.

And here there is a lot of variation in the small backyard garden of garden designer Mark Lane, and there is a video of his extensive garden in the description below. Here you have something very strange, very dark, very strong, very angular, and very invisible, and the planting is soft, beautiful, and bright, so that’s another use of carved and contrasted images.

And the obelisk on display at Doddington Place Gardens is a particularly interesting place because the mirror makes it look like it is not there, shows different seasons, reflects the sky, and is actually a good use of the mirror in the garden because it is very small. People worry about installing glass in the garden. The bird that flies in this area will quickly see the glass and be able to deviate.

This designated prayer image is a living space but also raises another important question: ‘What does your jewelry or home garden look like?’ Inside the house, there is a long hallway with a large glass window, and as you go down the aisle, you can see this picture getting closer and closer, so that is an important point to consider: what does your garden image or decoration look like? The old adage obviously says ‘they don’t have a very big picture in a very small garden’ but all the rules are violated, as it is in these two show gardens on BBC Gardeners World Live, but if you look at these two gardens, you can see why it works.

In this garden, the sculpture is very clear and very small; you can see it and talk about it. It is in the middle of the garden, but it does not have much viewing space. Another picture of the back of the garden is also very strong and circular, and if you put that in the middle of a small garden, you can block people’s view, and it can be very difficult to see around it. They look dense, so if you just think about those two functions, both are large and both spaces are very small, but I think both look great. So what about using sculptures and gardening as writing spaces? Having something defined and shaped at the flower border in summer, when there is so much movement and color and everything that happens, when it really helps to put anchor in the planting, and in winter, of course, gives you what it is in the summer, and in the winter, it is the most important thing to look for.

These simple woven fabrics support the contrast of the flowers and serve as a base because I tie the plants to them. I really like this one with hydrangeas; it looks great against the blossoms. And this circular air-conditioning image looks great in summer and winter; in fact, it is set in a wooded area, so it also gives a certain distinction and movement.

In winter, when you have evergreen shrubs, it offers the kind of movement you rarely get with flowers in summer, and it looks just as beautiful.

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