5 Reasons to Hire a Private Tutor in Dubai

5 Reasons to Hire a Private Tutor in Dubai

Children frequently exhibit boredom, lack of interest, demotivation, and discouragement in their academic pursuits. In this situation, a lack of firmness is fairly common and may necessitate advice from a trusted confidant.

This is where a private tutor comes in. A private tutor’s role extends beyond simply raising a student’s grades to also serving as a mentor for future decisions.

5 Reasons to Hire a Private Tutor in Dubai

1.    Risk-free Education

In general, private tutors are not permitted in Abu Dhabi unless they are employed by a capital city institution with a license to offer private instruction, such as Royal Teaching, or they have a current work permit.

AED 20,000 to AED 30,000 in fines can be imposed for in-person private tutoring with an unlicensed teacher at home, according to a statement made earlier this year by the UAE Public Prosecution.

Parents may relax knowing that all of the qualified educators at Royal Teaching in Dubai are certified, and closely supervised.

2.    Direct tutoring

In a regular Abu Dhabi school, there are around 30 kids seated in big classrooms. Addressing every child’s learning needs with such a large class size can be exceedingly challenging.

Students receive direct instruction from a skilled teacher who creates a lesson plan to concentrate on the student’s particular academic deficiencies and areas for growth when they work with a private tutor.

3.    Flexibility

Private tutoring accommodates the real-world academic obligations and extracurricular activities of both parents and students.

From five-year-olds learning to read and write to 18-year-old students taking their A Level/IB/SAT final exams, Royal Teachings works with students from all curricula and age groups.

4.    Affordable

Private tutors in Dubai charge different rates for their lessons, which can range from the number of hours they spend with students to their training and expertise.

5.    High Confidence in Academic Abilities

Among many other advantages, having a high level of confidence comes out on top. They have the opportunity to closely study with their tutor through one-on-one direct engagement.

Students can communicate and express their issues as a result of the relationship that is built and the flexibility that results from this.

Royal Teaching offers tutoring to both primary and secondary students. They are professional education consultants in Dubai who have taught students of all ages. Royal Teaching is the best place to find a private teacher for your children in Dubai.

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