How This Sports Marketing Company Helps Its Customer Grow During Pandemic

How This Sports Marketing Company Helps Its Customer Grow During Pandemic

The past year has left a profound impact on the sports marketing industry. It has affected sporting events, teams, and athletes and forced businesses and organizations to reevaluate their marketing strategies. They all had to come up with new ways to create brand awareness and engage with fans.

While this time has been supremely challenging for businesses and marketers, RTR Sports Marketing Company has been helping its customers throughout the pandemic find new ways and opportunities to advertise their brands to the right target audience. They had the right marketing game during a time when sports barely existed, which allowed their customers to enjoy higher sales and revenue.

So how did they do this?

This article will highlight all of the strategies used by this sports marketing company that allowed their customers to grow and earn revenue even during a pandemic.

How Sports Marketing Can Help You Grow During a Pandemic

There are three main strategies RTR sports marketing has been using with its customers in order to create revenue opportunities and engage with fans. They include the following:

1.     Leveraging Empathetic Marketing amidst a Pandemic

During the past two years, the COVID pandemic shut sports down as the deadly virus took a toll on people’s lives. Not only was there an economic crisis, but so many people lost their loved ones, homes, jobs, support systems, and much more. Coming back to normalcy requires patience and a great deal of compassion and empathy.

This is exactly what successful sports marketing agencies, such as RTR Sports Marketing. They adapted their marketing strategies to be more empathetic and show support to their customers. They used their platforms and advertisements to showcase messages of hope, inspiration, and philanthropy.

Similarly, part of empathetic marketing also included brands extending support to people affected by the pandemic and funding research for the COVID vaccine. The consumers needed support and a message of unity and hope, which is precisely what these brands delivered.

2.     Enhanced Digital Experiences for Fans

In recent months, sporting events are making a comeback in the form of hybrid events wherein the event is showcased digitally, but there is limited capacity for physical fans at the event itself. While this hybrid model provides marketers opportunities to advertise to all the fans attending these games, marketers are taking this one step further. They are, instead, enhancing the experiences for the fans at home.

Many people are still wary of attending live sporting events, so marketers are creating advertisements and digital experiences that keep such sentiments in mind, such as providing behind-the-scenes coverage to fans via social media. Moreover, they are also leveraging AR and VR to create experiences similar to attending sporting events but from the comfort of their home.

There are also other simple but effective marketing strategies they used, such as providing digital-only offers. All in all, these strategies were designed in an empathetic manner to give all fans unique experiences, even those who would watch from home.

All of these strategies give brands a chance to interact with their consumers on a greater level through social media or their websites. It also helped solidify brand loyalty.

3.     Advertising via eSports

Pre-pandemic, eSports was gaining popularity already. However, when COVID struck and every other sport was canceled, eSports became all the rage. There was an even greater integration of gaming and sports during the pandemic, which led to the rise of eSports. Fans loved to watch their favorite athletes playing themselves in virtual games.

This gave marketers, such as RTR Sports, the perfect opportunity to leverage their techniques and attract a new audience segment. They could advertise their customer’s brands on eSports channels and games or sponsor an eSports tournament.

What Does the Future Hold?

The question now is what strategies and efforts sports marketing companies should use in the future. As we slowly return to in-person sporting events, it is unclear what the future holds in sports marketing. However, it seems certain that marketers will need to continue using these new marketing strategies of creating digital experiences and enhancing engagement with consumers through social media.

The best marketing strategy for the future is one that integrates both pre-pandemic marketing strategies and those learned during the pandemic.

Final Words

RTR Sports Marketing is a sports activation agency with a wide range of customers that it helps provide unique and creative marketing strategies to. If you are in need of guidance or need experienced professionals to find effective marketing solutions for your business, consider getting in touch with us by dropping an email at or getting in touch with us through our website!

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