All you need to know while booking a ride on Uber

All you need to know while booking a ride on Uber

Uber has undoubtedly added a lot of convenience to our lives. It has eliminated the issue of finding the right taxi, as Uber now provides the cabs at your doorstep in the shortest period of time. Apart from downloading the app, confirming a ride, and saving the Uber Customer Care Numberyou must be aware of some other aspects before booking your next ride.

Here is a small list of essential things:

1. The cab driver can’t refuse to drop you off at your destination.

It is more frequently happening that taxi drivers refuse to take their clients to their destination just because of a little traffic. According to company norms, the driver can’t do that to you because of the inconvenient way.

However, if the driver refuses to drop you off at the agreed-upon location, you have the right to file a complaint and take some action against him.

2. Your loved ones can track your live location:

Traveling alone can be threatening, especially when you are a girl. Uber takes all your worries away with its tracking feature. It is using advanced technology to help you trace your wife or sister traveling alone with the live tracking feature. 

This feature is the easiest to use. Once your ride starts, you can look for your real-time location and share it with your friends and family to feel secure. And the most exciting part of this feature is that it lets you share your live location with multiple contacts through any of the social media platforms.

3. Get the benefit of the emergency button at your rescue:

The SOS button is the most attractive feature of Uber, in our humble opinion. This emergency button takes you out of any problematic situation.

If you are stuck somewhere in an issue and don’t feel like getting help from anywhere, just tap this emergency button and get instant help.

Uber has hired an efficient team of experts, known as the incident response team, to help you immediately. The app also provides you with the police control number for some unexpected situations. 

4. Get the benefit of choosing more than one destination:

Hunting for a taxi that takes you to multiple destinations? Well, Uber is the right choice for you. Uber allows travelers to choose from more than one destination without charging them much.

You can now choose multiple destinations with Uber, and it will calculate your ride fare accordingly. In case you need some guidance, you can call the Uber Customer Care Number to discuss your doubts.

Besides this, if you are traveling with a few friends and want to split the fare in a fair manner, Uber can help you do the same conveniently. 

5. Choose your own route:

Uber gives you all the allowance to change the route in case you feel it is not safe. Feel free to ask your driver to go through some other route if you think the route the GPS is displaying is not right for you.

The driver can’t deny following the route you suggest, and your ride’s fares will be adjusted accordingly. 


Adding to these ultimately beneficial features, Uber has another fantastic benefit for you: the app has an alliance with the Himmat App by Delhi Police to provide instant help even in severe situations.

You can open the app and fill in your pickup and drop locations, and it’s all done! You are ready to get to your destination with the safest cab. Save the locations you visit more often to save the time you spend filling in the details repeatedly. 

Hopefully, we have put forward enough reasons to trust Uber and book a ride in the future.

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