Why is the aircon not cooling

Why is the aircon not cooling? how to make cooling
If the cooling level of your home is low when operating for your home or if the wind speed during operation is not uniform or the unit emits hot air, you can adjust your aircon with our Surecool aircon. However, there are many reasons why your air conditioning system may not work properly. Here’s how to fix AC and 6 important reasons not to cool your AC.
Below Here the main reasons for your not cooling properly:
1. Filthy air filter
If your air conditioner is not cooling, the problem may not be the air conditioner itself. Dusty or dirty air filters can greatly reduce airflow to your aircon unit, making it work harder and less efficiently. When the air filter becomes clogged with dirt, this also inhibits fresh air from entering your home. Taking the filter out and shaking it does not necessarily pass this test because there can be trapped dust particles that will not be released, but it is worth a try. Wipe completely clean with a damp cloth and leave to dry before replacing in the unit.
2. Wrong thermostat regulator settings
Have a problem with your air conditioner? It’s not because the unit is strong or the previous tenants have been trying to overcharge you, it can be as simple as using the wrong thermostat regulator settings. In hot weather, the air conditioner works much harder than normal. In fact, it’s working as much as three to five times as hard as it does in cold weather. That means that if we use the same regulator thermostat setting we’re going to run out of the cooling way too early and probably burn up our compressor and/ or freeze ourselves out. Often we’ll see people reset
3. Dirty outdoor unit
A dirty AC can result in you not being able to turn it up to reduce the heat. A dirty outdoor unit will cause poor cooling which means that your home or office will not be able to be cooled down. The outdoor unit is the heart of your air conditioning system. Make sure it has clean filters, is level, and has enough coolant in it. This guide will help you troubleshoot the common problem
1. Evaporator (inlet unit) – takes the heat of the air around you and releases it through the outdoor unit
2. Condenser (outdoor unit) – then the hot air is cooled and conditioned. Debris and dust in the capacitor will prevent heat transfer.
4. Broken engines
Most air conditioners were not cooled because of the engine is broken. In most cases, the engine is the air conditioner compressor. Air conditioners have a condenser that works as a filter to remove moisture from the room, and then send outside through a pipe. Both ends of the compressor have a wire, which connects to a device that prevents overheating. When you try to cool, but still hot air out of the air con, it usually means the engine is broken.
5. Low refrigerant level
This is a common problem faced by many households. The difficulty to figure out the cause is that there are a large variety of possible reasons why your air conditioning unit isn’t working properly. From low refrigerant levels to possible duct issues, the best place to start is having your system serviced by a professional technician.
6. compressor problem
When the aircon in your car is problematic, it can be a stressful and hard to diagnose the problem. Our technicians tell us that one of the most common causes is a leak in the cooling system. Leaks can be difficult to find for a technician because all the different components need to be checked. In many cases, it is just a matter of replacing a hose or gasket. Not only does this avoid major repairs, but also stops the leak from damaging other components causing a more expensive repair in the future

Staying cool this summer is as easy as following some simple guidelines. Just use our How to make aircon cooling tips, and you’ll be on your way to a more comfortable and efficient air conditioning experience!
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