Role of Digital Marketing in various Industries

Role of Digital Marketing in various Industries

Health Care Industry

In this Digital World, the people who are searching for the health information online has enormously increasing and became one of the most popular activity. People/patients are searching for the doctors and services online before visiting the hospital directly. If the hospital/health care services are not registered in google then the particular hospital is missing a significant marketing opportunity. Most of the people’s health care needs starts with online search, through hospital websites. They mostly search for the information whether the particular doctor is available or to schedule an appointment. In this increasing digital world, it’s the right time for the health care industry/hospital to take the business online where most percentage of people/Patients are online. The remarkable places to promote health care services are through google, yahoo, Bing, or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest etc.

Food Industry

The food industry can be one of the industries which can be revolutionized by the digital marketing. It has become the piece of cake for the food lovers to find the reviews of the restaurants. Through various means, digital marketing has made it easy for the restaurant owners to search for the relevant customers nearby. The keen points to make a note for the digital food marketing would be the taste, health, and affordability.

Fashion Industry

Shopping is an impulsive activity. Usually people visit malls or nearby stores to buy clothes. When it comes to online the product is showcased with the price details, availability of colours, sizes, delivery details. According to the 2021 surveys the majority of the people are showing more inclination towards purchasing online as it saves the time and transport expenses. They can reach thousands of users with new trends and fashion within range of few seconds. Digital Marketing if used in the right way can increase the sales of the products and improve brand credibility.

Fitness and Nutrition Industry

Now a day’s people are being more inclined towards fitness and nutrition. As people are showing more interest, fitness and nutrition organizations are making a good use of social media to promote their business by creating campaigns focusing on target audience with multiple fitness goals. These organizations also use various influencers in social media to attract the young audience with different weight loss and building abs campaigns.

Entertainment Industry

As entertainment became part of our lives, Entertainment Industry people use digital marketing or social media marketing for promoting short films/web series/movies. They use social media influencers for hyping the content through face book, Instagram reels, you tube shorts which has the greater credibility to reach the audience. They also promote the content or the products or services through the celebrities and influencers as paid partnerships. Due to pandemic situations most of the films and web series producers are releasing their films in the OTT (Over the Top) like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hot star, Aha etc., which are also making use of digital marketing and social media channels for promoting and entertaining the people across the world.


Due to covid crisis the educational system has become online. The educational Institutions and training institutes are thriving to make the educational process more convenient to the educators, students making it easier for them to understand and providing one on one discussions for clarifying the student doubts. This provides easy interactions with students and educators and even with the parents for any information. The colleges and universities use digital marketing / social media channels to attract the target audience to get as many applicants as possible.

The above mentioned are some of the top industries using digital marketing to grow their business.

How digital Marketing transforms business in 2022?

Due to covid everyone has come online and what would have happened few years from now has already happened due to pandemic situation. It has brought all the business online making it more competitive and the business organizations are craving for digital marketing to promote their business and getting recognized amidst the crowd. Getting the traffic to the website and converting them into customers has become the major asset for the digital marketing. Social media is already in demand and as the years pass it will be playing the major role to generate sales and revenues to the business with creative ideas and competitive strategies to survive in the digital world.

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