Rental Homes in Cincinnati

Did you know about the Castle in Cincinnati? We secured a castle recently. It is the most incredible Castle in Cincinnati, built in 1910, one of the historical landmarks. Built over several years, you will notice its expert craftsmanship as soon as you visit the property. Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle with a vibrant neighborhood? The property sits within a good environment and neighborhood.

Who can resist this? If you seek a single-family or multi-family home in Cincinnati with some old charm, you can go for this. It is located at 818 Glenwood Ave, Cincinnati. The neighborhood’s closeness to good schools, restaurants, and businesses appeals to commuters, families, and newcomers in Cincinnati to this affordable and best area. The neighborhood gives off a homey feel with cozy residential streets. We changed the castle roof to green, and you know what, it is one of our favorite estates so far.

We have cleaned up from the inside and changed the roof, making this castle the most attractive one. We have been working on this estate for many months to renovate and make it the best possible castle to live in. If you ever come across a thought of living at rent in Cincinnati with your family or alone, then you should definitely visit this majestic castle once in Glenwood Ave, Cincinnati.

Not only the castle, but we have many other properties for single-family and multi-family homes for rent with the best suburb. You can relax and ease your stresses from the world in our safe rentals. We own 30+ homes across Cincinnati, from the lively urban neighborhoods of OTR and Northside to the more secluded subdivisions of Cheviot.  We renovate all our properties with traditional elements and provide them at rent. In addition, we re-model all our houses that need to be renovated before providing them for rent.

Moreover, finding the perfect rental home can be incredibly time-consuming. Many people in the USA live on rent, including seniors, young adults, and families. Luckily, there are rental homes in Cincinnati for all household types and budgets, whether big or small. Cincinnati is no stranger to luxury homes and apartments with modern features.

Guide to find the perfect rental home in Cincinnati

Whether you are renting or reevaluating your living situation, finding the perfect rental home can be incredibly time-consuming and a hectic task. So here we will provide you a guide to find the perfect rental in Cincinnati.

Figure out your affordable price

Before you start your hunt, allocate the reasonable amount you can afford for the rent every month. You should make sure that your rent does not exceed a specific percentage of your income each month. It is always good to pre-plan your budget according to your lifestyle or the amenities you require in a specific rental home in Cincinnati.

List out the ideal features that you need in a rental home

List the “nice-to-have” required features apart from bedroom and bathroom.

  • Do you like having a large backyard or any other entertaining outdoors?
  • Are you fond of having a fireplace, whether it is wood-burning, gas, or electric?
  • The surrounding of the house
  • The area between you and your neighbor
  • A full furnished home
  • Do you need an extra bedroom in the house to set up your personal office?
  • Would you prefer to live with a roommate, or would you like to live alone?

By figuring all these things out, you can select the most suitable suburb and rental for you. We at Moey Inc Properties provide the best fully furnished homes on rent with all the amenities. The goal of any Moey Inc’s renovation project is to create a rental experience equal to your own home. When we remodel a house, we consider the house’s aesthetics or appearance and its safety. A safety here means too old home may have many antique things that may be considered safety concerns.

We at Moey Inc believe in doing things a little bit differently. We always tend to create a much higher-end product with a qualitative finish. This allows us to provide the great experience to the people who rent with us and make the home last longer. We create a more efficient house from appropriate lighting, high-quality paint for the ceilings and walls, to all nuances. We provide all these so that you have the house that is modern and has the new touch.

Our goal at Moey Inc is to make all the blighted properties colorful and worth living. Here we will show you the interior of some of the homes that we provide for rent.

With this gesture, we are improving the community and providing the best experience to the neighbors as well. Some of the walls that our artists paint leave a beautiful impact on our neighborhood. We are one of the listed companies in INC 5000 companies in the USA. According to Forbes, Cincinnati is among the three hottest real estate markets in Ohio and has the most affordable housing market.

So, if you seek a rental home in Cincinnati, we are here to provide you the best of all. Contact us for your rental needs across Cincinnati. All the properties we target are acquired off-market and require complete renovation. We are into full-scale restoration to mitigate any structural or mechanical liabilities. All of our properties have some historical significance and have defining characteristics unique to homes of this era. Moey Inc has closed on 30+ properties across Cincinnati in the last eight years, and we continue to expand by working 24/7. We combine the Italianate architecture of the building with the modern interior design elements that encourages regrowth in these areas. Neglected historical elements in Cincinnati inspired us to implement this approach to redefine neighborhoods more cohesively.

We don’t approach the blighted properties with an exit strategy in mind, but we approach to remodel to its best and bring the best out of the blighted property.

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