Ray Mirra

Ray Mirra

The Flyers have had their ups and downs over the years, but one thing they’ve never been able to shake is the Ray mirra drama. Philadelphia fans have followed the fortunes of this team as it has moved from the cellar to the top of the Eastern Conference. In the first year of the Ray Emery era, the Flyers lost eight games, with most of those being comebacks, and it looked as if the Flyers would end up in the basement again. That’s not what happened though, as the Flyers went on to win nine straight, and they’re currently second in the Atlantic Division.

For the last couple of years, the Flyers have been linked to Ray Mirra, who remains the GM of the team. This season, however, has been without a doubt the worst year for the Flyers. They’ve managed to win only three games, all coming against teams that are well above them in the standings. That leaves the Flyers in a very uncomfortable spot, and they need to hire a sports writer to get the word out about the team.


This season the Flyers are likely to be without their captain, and that may be just the kind of publicity that brings in readers and advertisers. Many fans are upset with the lack of leadership on the team, and the general state of affairs has Flyers fans everywhere talking about the possibility of Ray getting fired. That might happen if the team doesn’t start winning, but if they do then it might not be so bad. As long as he’s still the GM of the team, Ray mirra is toast.

This is just one way that fans are showing their displeasure with the team. But how did the hockey player get himself into such a sticky situation? There was a reason why he left, and the problem goes beyond that. It seems that Ray got carried away with the good time he was having off the ice, and that carried over to his on-ice behavior. He’s also been getting into trouble with some of the other players, which really rubs salt in the wound.

One of the things that Flyers fans love about Ray is that he is so laid back and so calm, even in the heat of a game. He’s always going to have a degree of confidence that he is playing at an elite level, but he also loves the Flyers and the fans, and doesn’t seem like he’s trying too hard to get the job done. He’s earned the right to be competitive, and even plays his heart out, but sometimes you can kind of see his head taken advantage of sometimes. That’s what happened in the infamous “Whiff” game with New Jersey.


So where does Flyers’ management get the idea that Ray is the perfect fit for their team? Well, I don’t know that they’re purposely trying to get him traded, as there has been too much written about that already. But it does make sense that the Flyers would want Ray to be more involved in the game – not less. He’s an exciting player who can contribute to the power play and the breakouts, and he’s just too good not to have his own spot on the roster.

Ray has managed to put the Flyers in the playoffs three straight years, but he hasn’t done it alone. The Flyers haven’t made it far with just the regular guys, which is why fans have waited patiently for the fourth installment of Ray’s illustrious career. Even if you think the Flyers will go into the playoffs with the same group they’ve had the past few years, it’s still fun to watch how the team responds to Ray and to see what he can do to change the course of a season. You never know, it may be enough to get them into the postseason.

Hopefully Flyers’ management realizes that they can’t wait until the end of the year to get another shot at Ray Shero. Otherwise, they may decide to get rid of him before he gets another chance, which is likely what fans want to hear. They’ve waited long enough.

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