How To Setup An Effective And Perfect PPC Campaign In 2021?

How To Setup An Effective And Perfect PPC Campaign In 2021?


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Looking for a guide on how to setup an effective and perfect PPC campaign? Well, we got you. Read this blog till the end for setting up a perfect PPC campaign.


Let’s start with basics,


What is PPC?


PPC is the latest digital marketing strategy for acquiring quick sales and traffic in 2021.In this type of advertising strategy, marketers place their ads on social media, directories, and search engines etc. for attracting new visitors. Moreover, the search engine provider charge money on the basis clicks. As a result, it becomes essential for advertisers to setup an effective and perfect PPC campaign


In simple terms, PPC means that the advertisers needs to pay the charges for their ads on per click basis. Whenever a user do any search in search engines, these pay per click ads get triggered. In addition, the name Pay per click suggests itself that you have to pay on per click basis. Nearly 90 % of the Pay per click ads are placed on search engines likes Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This is often called as Search engine marketing.


​In the search engine marketing or PPC marketing, advertisers bid for their place in the results of their targeted keywords. When a user click on the targeted keywords of advertisers, then their ad will be shown in the search results based on their bidding amount. Search engines allow the advertisers to place their ads on both top and bottom of the organic results.


Here are some of the widely used platforms for PPC marketing:


  • Google Ads.


  • Microsoft Ads (aka Bing Ads)


  • Facebook Ads.


  • Instagram Ads.


  • Linkedin Ads.


  • Twitter


Importance of PPC


PPC i.e. Pay per click is the best paid strategy of digital marketing which is widely used by the advertisers for generating better traffic. As a result, large number of big corporations is using PPC marketing for the purposes of generating traffic and brand recognition. Moreover, High budget is essential in obtaining better results from their PPC campaign.


Pay per click marketing is very helpful for businesses in enhancing their brand awareness while their SEO keeps improving their rankings on the targeted keywords. It provides quick exposure to businesses when Ads are placed on higher bids of keywords. Businesses can easily rise above of other brands through this quick exposure for staying ahead of the competition.


Furthermore, at least a month of PPC campaign is necessary for getting better results. These results can be in form of more calls, increase in traffic, more inquiries etc. In addition, if you run your PPC campaigns for months, then you can easily compare your data for more improvements in future campaign.


Google is the centre of Internet and billions of searches are conducted here each day. So, it is advised to focus on your PPC campaigns for Google search. Furthermore, PPC marketing is very beneficial in generating traffic on a website or webpage. Additionally, traffic is a major component of Google algorithm which is used in considering rankings of organic results. So, PPC marketing also assist the SEO campaign in gaining high rankings.


Steps to Setup an effective and perfect PPC Campaign


Before proceeding with the steps, think for yourselves about what you want to accomplish with the campaign. This is essential in setting up the goals of the campaign in order to measure its effectiveness.


After setting up a clear goal, focus on these steps for attaining your pre-determined objectives.


  1. Conduct Proper Research


Research is the basic step for developing an effective campaign or strategy. Conduct an in-depth research regarding your audience, their online behaviour, and your competitors. This will assist you in developing the campaign keeping in mind of the marketing factors.


  1. Determine your Platform


This is the second step in which you have to determine the suitable platform for placing the ads. Based on your research, determine the platform on which you’re a large number of your audience is active. For example:  if you are looking for customer engagement, you can select social media platforms. If you are looking to enhance your sales, then you can select search engines.


  1. Choose your Keywords


It is highly essential for the advertisers to choose relevant and appropriate keywords for their PPC campaign. Through this, they can connect with relevant audiences which will generate more traffic and sales.


  1. Set Your Budget or Bids


After choosing the suitable keywords, you need to set the amount of money you can spend on your ad. You can on the basis of daily, weekly or monthly.  In order to get better results from your PPC campaign, select your budget on monthly or weekly basis. Moreover,  Place your bids on keywords having high traffic for getting better sales.


  1. Connect your Landing page


After setting your budget, don’t forget to connect your landing page with the ad on which the traffic or visitors will be diverted. In addition, develop the content of landing page and ad should be loud and clear. Relevant content ensure low bounce rates.


  1. Manage your Campaign


Your perfect campaign is ready to be placed on suitable platforms. You have to manage your campaign on a regular basis for determining its effectiveness. Provide regular updates and news on your ad so that people can be attracted.


PPC is an integral part of digital marketing. So, it becomes highly essential for the advertisers and marketers to develop appropriate strategies for PPC marketing. If you are still facing issues in setting up your PPC campaign, feel free to connect with Digiroads.


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