How to Fix Norton Secure VPN not working

How to fix Norton Secure VPN not working on Windows 10?

Norton Secure VPN offers the best VPN services. You can use this VPN to change your IP address, encrypt your data traffic, and protect all your privacy online when browsing the web. However, many users say that Fix Norton Secure VPN not working stopped working on their device and gets stuck trying to connect, disconnects frequently and some other similar problems.

Check your internet connection:

The main reason behind Norton VPN is that it won’t load due to slow internet connection. Therefore, if you are having difficulty starting Norton Secure VPN, first check your Internet connection. To check your Internet connection, you can also click

1: If you don’t have stable internet access on your Windows PC, make sure you solve the problem before going to Norton Secure VPN.

2: There may also be something wrong with your router, but it can be easily verified by temporarily switching to wired mode.

3: Also, it is a good idea to test your internet speed regularly and determine if your connection has any discrepancies.

Restart and update your Norton Secure VPN:

You must ensure that you keep Norton Secure VPN updated to the latest version; otherwise it will not work properly on your device. However, if you find the required update, you must download a critical update and it must be installed before continuing to use the Norton Secure VPN message. Therefore, the Norton Secure VPN needs to be removed and reinstalled.

1: First of all, you need to press Windows + R to open the Run dialog.

2: Type the following text services.msc and then hit Enter.

3 – In the Services window, scroll down the list and find the Norton Secure VPN service.

4: Now right-click the Norton Secure VPN service again and then click Start.

5: Finally, you can start Norton Secure VPN and connect to the VPN.

Manually change DNS settings

Many times, the Windows system may not connect directly to the DNS server for Norton VPN. Therefore, manually configure the DNS settings that can help to solve the problem with Norton VPN.

Update graphics drivers

One more reason you may have a problem with Norton VPN is that the video graphics are out of date. So you need to check if the video graphics update from time to time. Follow these steps to update the video graphics drivers.

Press Windows + R and then run the program.
Then type devmgmt.msc in the search bar and click on the OK option.
Then double click on the display adapters option.
Right click on the HD graphics card option and choose properties.
Then in the video graphics card option, check if it is the latest version or if it needs to be updated.
If the driver needs to be updated, select the install option and get the latest version of the video graphics drivers.
Now, reboot the system to check if the problem is fixed or not.

Instead of adding your email ID, choose “Forgot your email?” button in the lower right.

Enter your registered phone number or recovery email ID.
Enter here the same name that you entered when creating the account
Google will now send a verification code to your recovery email ID or mobile phone number.
After successfully entering the correct six-digit code
Your email IDs registered with that particular phone number or recovery email
In case you have that number linked to multiple Google accounts, you will find them all here.
If you also do not remember the password for this account, you can continue by selecting the “I forgot my password” button at the top left to change your password.

Make an exception in your firewall

Tap the Win key, type firewall and select Firewall and network protection
Click Allow an application to pass through the firewall.
Click Change Settings (need lift rights)
Find Norton Secure VPN in this list and enable Private and Public options
If it’s not on this list, click Allow another app to locate it

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