How to Build Your Online Presence to Grow Your Business!

Do I really need an online presence to grow my business?

I hear this question gets thrown a lot and raises a couple opinions from different business owners. Some companies are fortunate enough to market their brands/businesses well enough to forego it, but for the rest of us, that may not be the case. Especially with the global pandemic that affected all business owners, having an online presence is a really great strategy. The internet has been around for almost 40 years, it would only make sense to utilize it.

Now, we know not all of us are extremely knowledgeable — or aren’t taught marketing skills — but in order to succeed in this industry, you NEED to be able to market. And since a large majority of our world is online now, you need to do a lot of it online.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you get your online presence started. This worked for Electra Health – a multidisciplinary clinic in Downtown Vancouver, Canada, and it might just do the trick for you as well:

1. Get started on Google My Business

This is essential if you want to appear on maps and Google searches, especially if you want to reach a local demographic. This is also helpful for people to leave reviews and testimonials.

2. Figure out your niche
Figure out what makes you unique! What makes you stand out from the rest of your competitors? Focus on marketing this and then create your own website. Not only will you have complete control over what information you want potential customers to see but also they’ll be able to know more about your business, also products/services you provide, even after business hours. All from the comfort of their homes!

3. Set up your social media accounts
Connect with existing customers, as well as potential customers! Again, this is crucial especially during COVID-19 everyone seems to be plastered on their phones. This is one of the most effective ways to connect with everyone during a pandemic.

These are some of the things that definitely kickstarted things for Electra Health, but figure out what works specifically for you and your business, but DO NOT ignore being on the internet. Everybody is now online, and you have to be there A LOT.

Get out there and take action, friends! Excited to see your business grow as you grow your online presence.

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