How To Avoid Hybrid Meeting Mistakes

The world of events and technology is bound to evolve according to the changing times. As the pandemic has taken over the control of all our lives, the event world is trying its best to blend with the unpredictable situation. Thanks to the knack for adaptability, we are successfully shifting towards a whole different paradigm of event technology. The skill of harnessing the power of technology has led to an uptake in the event sphere as the professionals are determined to deliver exciting and engaging events.

Coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event industry has introduced the possibility of Hybrid Meetings to fight the emerging challenges in the field. It’s the perfect combination of online and offline elements that leads to the relevancy of Hybrid Meetings in current times. We can keep the in-person attendance limited and still engage a wider audience with the help of online components.

Organizing a Hybrid Meeting sounds like a simple job of conducting a fabulous event and streaming it online but that’s not how it works. If not planned properly, the Hybrid Meeting can end up becoming nothing but a combination of the worst of both formats. Planning the event beforehand is significant if you want to make effective use of event marketing. It involves deciding the venue and content along with other elements that elevate your audience’s experience. Avoiding all the possible mistakes is a vital aspect while planning your Hybrid Meeting. Here is a curated list of 10 things you should follow to avoid the most common mistakes and make the best out of your meeting.

1) Plan the Content Flow Properly

When planning a Hybrid Meeting, it’s necessary to understand that many of our attendees will opt to attend the event virtually based on the lack of time. They can’t be glued to their screens throughout the meeting. How we can help them is by planning the content flow accurately and when we talk about flow, it includes both the order of content as well as the duration. Breaking up the content into short durations is a good idea as not providing breaks can make the attendee leave the event at the click of a button. Also, dense content is fine until the event is taking place in-person but things change when we shift to Hybrid.

In a Hybrid Meeting, you appeal to two contrasting audiences where attendees are not ready for lengthy and heavy content. The content flow has to be engaging, entertaining, and to the point to keep your attendee satisfied.

2) Choose the Right Platform

Even though the base remains the same, the design of a Hybrid Meeting is completely different. That is why it is important to choose the right event platform that can efficiently carry your goals out. With a virtual hybrid event platform like Dreamcast, you choose security and assurance. The tools and features of the right platform can help you get a seamless broadcast of your Hybrid Meeting by satisfying your attendees’ expectations. A good hybrid event platform will always fill in the loopholes that even you fail to notice.

3) Bring Onboard the Professional Speakers

When talking about speakers or orators, there are two possible things; either we can train the speakers properly before the event or bring onboard the professional speakers. It is necessary to let your speakers learn to navigate through virtual attendee rooms and manage Hybrid sessions. Well-versed speakers make a world of difference in the virtual sphere. An amateur speaker can easily make the mistake of speaking and engaging only with the in-person attendees while a skilled speaker will make sure that nobody feels left out or unnoticed.

4) Plan the Remote Attendee Experience Properly

Giving less importance or disregarding the remote attendees can lead to a negative outcome of your Hybrid Meeting at the time of feedback. Setting up an audio and video stream is not where you call it done; you need to engage your online attendees in as many ways as possible. Virtual attendance likely makes up to a huge fraction of a Hybrid Meeting, so it’s always good to make your distant attendees feel included. You can avoid the mistake of disregarding your attendees by maximizing the Hybrid experience for your online attendees.

5) Ensure the Production Quality

Making sure that the production quality of your event is up to the mark is another vital aspect to avoid errors. Understanding the importance of audio, video, lighting, and broadcasting quality is very significant while organizing a Hybrid Meeting. Poor audio or video quality can practically disrupt your attendees’ experience. Make sure that every production element is working properly and is in a good state.

6) Don’t Avoid Hiring Professionals

The best way to assure that your meeting goes smoothly is by involving or hiring professionals in the field. Hiring experts like Emcees and Camera Operators should be on your priority list. For example, a virtual emcee is an event’s expert ringmaster who knows when to do what and can pull your event together very smoothly. Similarly, a professional camera operator would make sure that the camera follows the speaker throughout the session and the remote attendees can get a satisfactory view.

7) Don’t Set Aside Networking Opportunities

Paving the way for your virtual attendees to network with the in-person attendees and vice versa is another important aspect of Hybrid events. Limiting interaction between participants can lead to attendees’ dissatisfaction. Come up with relevant strategies to make sure your attendees get a chance to network among themselves; like chat rooms or networking lounges.

8) Keep the Pricing Right and Worth it

There’s a huge difference between attending a meeting physically and virtually. Therefore, the prices for both of them also differ. Avoid making the mistake of charging the same amount from both your in-person and remote attendees.

9) Don’t Disregard the Importance of Rehearsals and Testing

Forgetting to test or rehearse before the big day can often lead to a blunder. Starting from light and sound to all the virtual tools and elements; everything needs to be tested before the meeting. Similarly, rehearsing is also a crucial part of the event, as practice only improves performance quality.

10) Plan Exciting Giveaways

Planning exciting giveaways can not only impress your attendees but also gain their loyalty. The mistake we need to avoid is overlooking online attendees and limiting the giveaways to in-person attendees. Gifting online coupons or sending gift bags beforehand to all who registered for the meeting can be a good idea.

If you need any help, remember to reach out to us and we’ll help you avoid all the possible mistakes while organizing your flawless Hybrid Meeting!

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