Future of Online Learning and its impact on a child

The thing that was rarely used by any educational institution just a few years ago has now become a huge part of every student’s life. For safety considerations, most institutions and schools in Kolkata have turned to online learning since 2020.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, the management and staff of BDM International School have been working hard to ensure virtual classes that students receive the same high-quality education as those in the physical classroom. This necessitates daily organisation, streaming, and channelization of the programme.

The advantage of being in the classroom

To groom its students, BDMI school provides structure, support, and a system of knowledge gaining. Face-to-face contacts with classmates, usually regulated by a teacher, are an advantage of traditional classroom education. It provides a stable environment for social interactions for children, particularly those in their early developmental years, allowing them to learn skills such as boundary setting, empathy, and collaboration. Unlike a virtual learning environment, it also allows for plenty of spontaneity.

In the context of schooling, online education

Students demand more autonomy and intellectual independence as they move through school. They can use online learning to undertake highly individualised learning programmes, including college-level courses. These, when paired with hands-on exercises, real-world experience, and detailed assessments, can help them learn more effectively. Before committing to a specialty, they might explore their possibilities by trying out introductory topics from several fields.

Recently, mobile apps that provide expanded learning opportunities for school children have gained a lot of attraction. These apps are being utilised to complement classroom learning because mobile phones have already found their way into students’ hands. During this difficult era of deciding which vocation to follow, teachers and parents must act as anchors and mentors, curating the educational materials that kids are exposed to.

What are the benefits of the BDM International School‘s online classes?

  1. The schools of Kolkata assure that students are completely protected, with online classes set to continue until the schools are completely safe to reopen.
  2. Your child will have the same teachers in their virtual classrooms as they do in their physical classrooms. For the children, this ensures a smooth transition from offline to online sessions and vice versa.
  3. The classes are tailored to the students’ needs in terms of time, place, and topic. In their own time, the children can determine what they want to learn and how they want to study it.
  4. The content is presented in a variety of formats, including text, audio, images, and videos, to make it more accessible and understandable.
  5. The online portals of BDMI are created in such a way that children of all ages may utilise them easily.

Being among one of the best Schools of Kolkata, we owe it to our students to make their education relevant to their future via inventiveness, passion, and careful preparation, as the confluence of traditional and online modalities of education becomes more and more inescapable. For more details about the curriculum, have a visit to our BDMI School.

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