Digital Thermometer: Types, benefits and factors of choosing the right one

There are many different types of thermometer available in today’s market. Before making any purchase decision, it is vital that we are aware of the range of products available in the market. We should also be clear and consider each type of thermometer’s suitability for various different uses. Complying with safe storage regulations in a catering establishment will require a very different thermometer to manufacturing of goods. Just as a generic office or workplace thermometer is not suitable for critical industrial measurements. We recommend that it is important to choose the right digital thermometer to suit your intended application.

We have all been familiar with using thermometers since our childhood. Any time there is an illness in the family, the first thing we do is checking the body temperature using this device. We still find the good old mercury-glass thermometer in most traditional households, technology has made huge strides in the world of healthcare and offered us with several advanced like digital thermometer options to choose from. Digital Thermometers in India have gained a lot of popularity in recent days. The one important reason for using this digital thermometer for fever checking is that any layman can read out the temperature.

We usually find 5 types of Thermometers in India based on their usage

  1. Oral
  2. Rectal
  3. Forehead
  4. Tympanic (ear)
  5. Axillary (under the arm)

The type of thermometer selection depends on our personal preference and the age of the patient. For instance, in the case of an infant, a forehead or tympanic thermometer would be a better option since babies and kids are generally difficult to deal with. Of course, we also get digital thermometers in India that are multipurpose.

Mercury Glass Thermometers

It was perhaps the only type of thermometer available that time; the mercury glass thermometer is now considered out-dated. Used for measuring temperatures orally, rectally or under the arm, these thermometers are difficult to read. Another downside to mercury glass thermometers is the fact that they release mercury and break easily as they are made of glass.


Digital Thermometers

Digital thermometers are the norm today since they do not present any of the disadvantages that a mercury glass thermometer does. With digital displays and a strong body, digital thermometers are easy to read. Digital Thermometer price in India is accessible for any person.

With a list of thermometers available for us to choose from, we must ensure that we pick the ‘right’ one? Well, there is no such thing as the ‘right’ thermometer, but here is a list of must-haves that we should look for:

  • Convenience

We need to choose a thermometer that is easy to handle and delivers the temperature readings loud and clear.

  • Accuracy

An all-important factor while choosing a thermometer is its ability to provide accurate readings. Choose one that is scientifically tested and assures accurate results.

  • Response time

Gone are the days of playing the waiting game. Pick a thermometer that delivers temperature readings quickly.

  • Units of measurement

Check if the thermometer chosen offers the option of delivering results in both units of measurement.

  • Safety

Mercury glass thermometers are known to be hazardous as well as brittle. The thermometer we choose should be sturdy, safe to use and ideally come in a plastic case so we can keep it securely when not in use.

Stiora® Digital Thermometer is a revolutionary temperature measuring device that features sophisticated calibration functions and is absolutely safe to be used in any part of the body.

The fever arm is decked with adjustments to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Our thermometers come with smart technology that highlights low battery life and has a quick shut-off mode after 10 seconds display. It is highly accurate and having no use of mercury makes the device highly desirable and can be used for infants and pregnant women as well. The switchable mode at the push of a button makes Stiora® Digital Thermometers an amazing medical device to vouch for.

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