Business Growth during COVID-19: Build Your Online Presence

Are you struggling to grow your business? Are people always asking, “Do I really need an online presence?”

I hear this question gets thrown around a lot and raises opinions from different companies about whether or not having one is necessary. For some businesses that might have managed well enough without it before the global pandemic hit them hard – they can go ahead with just being local in nature then but for most others…well let’s just say there are so many potential customers out there looking at all times of day which makes marketing especially through social media integral if we want anything done right! As we all know, the internet has been around for almost 40 years and it would only make sense to utilize this new phenomenon.

When it comes to marketing for your business, you need more than just a good idea. You also have the responsibility of translating that into action and making sure people know about all aspects of what makes up this company so they can come to buy their products or services from YOU!
A lot more goes on behind the scenes in any given organization — especially one where everything is being done online these days – but sometimes we forget how important our social media presence truly is.

3 Simple Tips to Get Your Online Presence Started:

1. Get started on Google My Business

You can’t afford to not be on the map. If your business doesn’t have a physical location, then you need one that does in order for customers and worth visiting address-hunters alike will know where it is! That’s why having an address prominently displayed online should only happen after careful research into Google My Business reviews as well as other sources like Maps’ data about things nearby businesses offer (hours open/contact info). This is also great for reviews and testimonials.

2. Figure out your niche
There are many ways to stand out from the competition and one of them is by focusing on yourself. Find what makes you unique, like your marketing style or how much experience has given people in this industry? Once identified use it as inspiration for creating an online presence that reflects who YOU really ARE! Then using that, create your own website so it can showcase who your brand really is and what exactly it is that you offer.

3. Set up your social media accounts
It’s a good idea to stay in touch with existing customers as well as potential new ones. Especially during COVID-19, it seems like everyone is glued to their phone! The most effective way I’ve found for making connections across social media platforms or through other means such as email correspondence can be done via Facebook Messenger which allows you to message someone without having them open an app first. This is just one of the many examples.

This worked for Electra Health – a multidisciplinary clinic in Downtown Vancouver, Canada and it might just do the trick on its own! Just remember that this is on a case-to-case basis, figure out what works specifically for you and your business. Whatever strategy you come up with, it’s crucial to note that you should NOT neglect to be on the internet.

No one knows where you’ll be in a year, but I’m positive that with hard work and dedication, your business will grow! Now get out there and take action!

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