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Do you think that just pumping Iron can get you a fabulous physique? You cannot be more wrong! You need to supplement
your workout with a proper protein intake to realize your dream. However, there are a lot of apprehensions about
proteins with countless myths floating on the internet. We have identified and busted a few myths about Whey Protein
powders and protein supplements.
Myth#1 Whey Protein is unnatural
It is a common misconception that Whey Protein powder is manufactured artificially from chemicals. That is not the case.
Whey protein is a dairy derivative obtained when Casein (cottage cheese) is separated from Cow’s milk. The remnant is a
watery liquid rich in proteins. It is the best protein supplement as it fulfils the protein needs of the body, is easy
to digest, and quickly assimilates in the body.
Myth#2 Athletes do not need Whey protein
This is a myth prevalent since time immemorial. Whey powder proteins have always been associated with bulking up.
However, this is not the case. When athletes exercise, after burning up reserves of glycogen from the liver turn to
muscles for energy. Muscles degrade to provide energy and athletes end up losing precious muscle mass. It may lead to
fatigue and compromised immunity. A fast-acting protein like Whey helps counter this. Hence, Athletes need to include
whey protein powder in their diet.

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