5 Horrible Black Friday Deaths and Disasters

5 Horrible Black Friday Deaths and Disasters

Black Friday is a day anticipated by millions of people every year! All the shopping sessions go on a halt while everyone waits for the most incredible bargain season to take over so that they can shop at hefty cut-offs. The shopping season rings in, and stores flood with a huge crowd of customers, all eager to fetch the best deals and products. And sometimes, this black Friday craziness turns into gruesome events that no one ever is prepared for. It counts in massive robberies, murders, accidents, extreme injuries, and many other horrifying incidents. Here’s a little record of some of the most petrifying events in the history of Black Friday that shook all. Take a look.

Man Left with a Broken Hip Amid Black Friday Kmart Fight – 2017

Wandering in a big store on black Friday, anyone would be extra desirous of catching up with the biggest discounts on the products they want. Where most shoppers peacefully fill up their carts, such longing often results in some incidents like the one that happened in 2017 at a Kmart. Two male shoppers at Kmart broke into a fight over an electronic item, and one of them pushed the other into the empty shelves after the argument. This whole episode left the man who was pushed with a broken hip which was definitely not what he hoped to bring back home!

Employees Murder Store Manager for Black Friday Profits – 2014

You can expect anything on a huge sale day but a murder? That’s certainly not anyone would have seen coming towards them in any way. But that is exactly what happened in 2014 when two American Eagle Outfitters Store employees killed a store manager to steal the money from Black Friday sales. Carter Cervantez and her boyfriend murdered Ashlea Harris, the store manager, to steal the profits of around $50,000. They strangled, beat and set Harris on fire; police found her body partially burned, beaten and bound with duct tapes. This is something too extreme and crazy that someone can be about a sales’ day money and profits. Besides, it proves that not just customers are wild about black Friday savings, but the employees are equally mad!

Teen Fell Asleep Returning from Black Friday Shopping, Died in Car Crash – 2013

Imagine staying up all night to turn up at a store early morning on Black Friday, shopping all day long, and then driving back home all sleepy and drowsy! You’d be lucky to reach home safe and sound because being this lethargic can absolutely make you meet an accident. And we aren’t just saying, this had actually happened in 2013 when a teen was returning home after shopping and fell asleep while driving. Nineteen years old Patrick hit a sign at a gas station; he died in that wreck, and four other people in the car were seriously injured. Moreover, this isn’t the only incident when someone fell asleep, got into a car crash and lost their life. There are more accidents like this which makes this obsession with shopping events and discounts dangerous.

Pepper Spray Attack on Crowd by Police – 2011

You can imagine the heavy crowd outside marts and stores even before the doors are opened in the morning for the commencement of Black Friday shopping! A heap of cops and employees are seen trying to control the hordes of customers, often failing to hold them back. A similar event happened in 2011 outside Walmart when people were pushing against each other and grabbing products even before employees were done putting them in place. This time, the cops decided to drizzle some pepper spray over the crowd to curb them. Though the police officers reported that it was just one puff, injuries to over 20 people, including children, state otherwise. People who were there reported that a police officer was raining the pepper spray over the entire crowd so that it comes down on their heads, and they back off. This incident resulted in many people ending up in emergency rooms due to severe injuries.

Marine Reserve Stabbed by Customer in Best Buy Store – 2010

We’ve seen and heard a lot of robbery stories on this gigantic savings day! But less heard are those where they literally stab and hurt other people around. In 2010, a customer who was apparently stealing a laptop was caught by the employees at the store. They asked him to return the laptop, on which he got agitated. He gave the laptop back, but then he ran out of the front door with a knife in his hand so that no one could stop him. A marine pinned him down in the middle of all of it; he started waving the knife and stabbed him in the back. He had to get multiple stitches because of this disturbing happening.

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